Sunday, December 20, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

True to Debye luck with phones, another one has bit the dust. Unfortunatly it drowned in hot cocoa on the way to work. Since almost all of my communication with the outside world is done through my phone, I lost access to an entire day of emails and phone calls so if you tried to reach me, I promise I wasn't ignoring you! It is truly driving me nuts not knowing what emails I am, I am becoming a slave to it. Okay, I have been one for a few years now.

Here is the outfit I wore on the day of the hot cocoa in car disaster:

Cardigan-Merona Collection for Target
Shirt-Banana Republic
Belt- J Crew
Skirt-Merona Collection for Target

Here is what I wore the next day getting chores done and meeting with the adoption worker:

Cardigan-INC for Macy's
Tee- The Loft
Flats-Old Navy

Here is what I wore Saturday to work even though it looks a little like a nightie in this picture. I had seen it at the Loft several times without paying much attention. I saw it on the Final Sale rack the other day and I tried it and ended up liking it alot. So comfy and pretty!

**please ignore my dirty stove, I have been baking pies like a mad woman**

Cardigan-The Loft
Dress-The Loft

And lastly, today's outfit! I just love this dress and it is such a playful piece. It is hard to tell in a picture but the white pattern and trim is all done with embroidery so it makes a really unique while being my favorite......a knit dress!

Dress-INC for Macy's

Next step, catch up on reading all my blogs.......I haven't had time to be on the computer the last few days and I am in serious withdrawals!


Kelsey Kim said...

Wow, those are ALL great outfits...looking good Debye!!

gigiofca said...

There's the INC dress! Me loveth. The ON ruffle shoes look great. Oh -- and there's a shorter INC cardi. I never saw it in my local Macy's stores. Oh well. I *did* end up getting the INC leopard dress. Hoping to tone it down w/a black cardi. Sorry about your phones. It's tough to be without technology.

Pamela said...

I just bought that grey ATL dress wore it for hosting my brunch Sunday. It's so cute and I like it with flats!

I also am digging that Inc cardigan! My Macys' had the long version sold out in my size :( I didn't see the short one! I may have to run back!

Bianca said...

The black and white dress is awesome!! It looks even better in person!

The ATL dress and shrug combo is really pretty and looks comfy too!

Outfit with the gray tee looks great - I love casual outfits that have a little extra! And that jacket looks great in person! I am glad to finally see it on someone!

Debye said...

Kelsey-thanks although who knows if I will be able to fit in any of them next week after you brought over my cryptonite....fudge.....yum!

Gigi-glad to hear you got the dress, it looked so great on you!

Pamela-the short version is on the sale racks!

Bianca-Thanks a bunch! I love the new INC clothes they are putting out!

HeidiG said...

I love love love that black & white dress - so fab!!!