Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh No She Isn't.......

Nope, I am not wearing shoes today and you are lucky I took off my sock monkey slippers for a photo .....lol! Today I have the day off and I have been cleaning, wrapping and all that fun stuff so I have had no need to put on any shoes yet! Oh, and I updated my playlist for those of you who keep the volume on!

Today is a Loft day head to toe (see, I can say that because I have on no shoes). They have a whole bunch of jeans and basic pants marked down on final sale and yesterday they had an additional 30% off when I popped in on my lunch so these pants were a whoppin' $6.98, gotta love it! I also grabbed this cardigan on the 50% off sweater promo to go with my striped zig zag tee that I had picked up last week.

**Please note, if I had realized that this sweater made me look like a roly poly or a weeble wobble in these photos I would have taken more shots, it doesn't always take on such a round shape IRL**

 Closer pic of the tee, it is a very casual piece but it is playful and I love the longer sleeves (1/2 sleeve length)

So, with that sale I made sure to grab a few more final sale basics plus this necklace which the SA handed to me while I was checking out. I am not sure if I will keep it, what do you think?

p.s. they are also doing a St. Jude Hospital fundraiser where if you donate you get a 20% off coupon which is a great deal for a great cause. I love all the charities they work with!


HeidiG said...

The link takes me to the zig zag tee, not a necklace. But the tee is really cute on - love it! It looks like it would be nicely form-fitting, so not a 2-sizes-added ruffled mess, as some of these tops feel like to me. And I definitely agree about the sleeves - love that 1/2 length!

Lorena said...

Like the color combination... I think if you belt this or put a pin on the back of the cardi it should add more shape...


Debye said...

Heidi-oops, I fixed the link...thanks for letting me know!

Lorena- good ideas for the cardi, thanks!

Sara said...

What color is the striped zig-zag shirt you're wearing? I was at my Loft today and they had a green, a navy (or black), and a really light gray. I got the green, but when I saw your outfit, I'm thinking I might exchange.

You look great as usual!