Monday, December 14, 2009

OOTD and another one day, really two day, sale! has been a long day. I was in a hurry this morning so I didn't get any pictures taken before work so now you are getting a disheveled, sloppy version of what I wore today but I will make it up with some more shopping picks from today and a promise to post IRL pictures of the plaid sheath dress tomorrow

here is what I wore:

and here is what I put on hold ....Macy's is having another one day sale tomorrow and tomorrow is the preview day which is the same as the "one day" so why don't they just call it a two day sale???

I LOVE this applique dress , it is very comfortable, flattering and the length is perfect! I found it TTS, I grabbed a Medium. I have no idea whether it will go on sale tomorrow but I figured I would wait to see.

The other item I snatched was a shorter version of this cardigan. It is very cute on and reminds me of a J Crew sweater jacket that I am too tired to look up right now (do you hear the violins playing). It is on sale for $27.99 and with tomorrow morning's $10 off early morning WOW coupon, that will be $17.99 before my discount, say what!


gigiofca said...

Wow! What a great bargain on the INC sweater. I love the dress as well. Yeah, Macy's cracks me up with their "preview" day.

Bianca said...

Um, that sweater and dress are divine. Cannot wait to see them "IRL"