Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Drama at the Starbucks Drive-thu

This morning I was out of cocoa mix and it was drizzly out so I threw all the kids in the car to head out for some Starbucks hot cocoa.....yummy. We have a drive-thru that can get really backed up so you get stuck in the main road so I was sure to leave early to beat the morning rush. As I pulled in I was happy to see that there was still room for two cars (hopefully this makes sense) and I saw a car approaching from the opposite direction. So, to be nice, I stopped and let her turn left in front of me. Then to my horror, a little car that was behind her got right on her tail so they could also turn in and cut me off taking the last spot. I was shocked and she could tell by my wide eyes (and mouthing what are you doing), it was blatenly rude.

My older son was in the front seat and told me I should honk at her. I knew I needed to use this example as a lesson to him, so I explained that honking wouldn't get my place back in line and would only create a conflict and more anger. Eventually I was able to turn in behind her and I sat there behind her for 10 minutes as we all waited. The entire time I resisted the urge to knock on her window or shoot her dirty looks, I was really upset and was desperately trying not to act on it.

When it was my turn to pick up my order, the guy working the window (who cracks me up and talks a LOT) told me that the woman in the car in front of me said that she felt bad for cutting me off. I told him that she had really cut me off badly but I was glad that she was sorry about it then to my shock, he told me that she had paid for my order as an apology. I was immediately touched by her kindness and felt ashamed for all the mean thoughts that went through my head and was really glad that I had not reacted negatively.

I went from thinking how rude some people are to being reminded of how good  people can be. I wanted to share the story immediately so I called my mom and was quickly pulled over and ticketed for talking on my cellphone while driving (didn't see that coming, did ya). Anyways, I just wanted to share this story with you and here is what I was wearing:

Tunic-The Loft
Vest-The Loft
Lauren Conrad Skinny Jean-Kohls
Kady Boots-Target


dinagideon said...

Wow. What a great story, from both sides. Decent behavior on both sides? Noted and will try to do the same in a similar situation.

BTW, I normaly have my speakers off, but today left them on, and Ben Folds (LOVE LOVE LOVE him) came on and my daughter starting tapping her feet to it and my son started dancing. Awesome.

Awesome like your ouftit. :)

mrs.anketell said...

Love the outfit------the blouse/tunic is awesome. Glad your story turned out to be a nice one! A woman in front of me in the stbks drive thru paid for my latte recently, too. Love these acts of kindness.

Eleanor said...

What an inspiring story!

It is nice to know there are some decent people out there!
This time of year,working retail, I feel like I only see the worst!

Chelcie said...

wow, great story-- good for you for biting your tongue, I'm sure your kids learned a lot from your example.

what a bummer about your ticket though. I also got a ticket today. *Rolling a stop sign* coming out of my neighborhood! :(

Kelsey Kim said...

Awww!! So nice of that lady, and glad to hear you were nice and didn't honk. I don't think I could have been that nice. Stinks about the ticket...I try to make sure to stay off the phone around our neighborhood...you should know by now our Sheriff's don't have anything else to do, so they are looking for us talking on the phone!!