Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Some J Crew Reviews while I am at it.....

Today I had to drive to the "snobby mall" in order to get some Angel perfume by Thierry Mugler (so sensational, ha ha get it?). So since I had to drive the extra distance I just couldn't pass up popping in J Crew.

They didn't have most of the new arrivals I really hoped to see but I did try on a few things for the blog and I took home a little too!

This is a Medium (my normal size) and is since it wasn't a tissue tee it clung to my waist a little too close for my comfort. I personally, would size up but if you don't have a reason to fear "muffin top" when you sit down like I do then you can stick with your normal size!

Tiered vintage fleur top $138. This top is pretty just not for me. I like the cut (it is the same as the silk tiered cami) but not the extra price for the flowers and the sash.

Ruffles and roses tissue tank $42.50. As Gigi would say, me likey. Our store was low in color/sizes. This is a small but I would have preferred my true size, medium, in this one. Really cute  and comfy tank!

Dapple Dot Cardigan-$ 98 (on sale online for sweater promo $78.40). The store only had one of these and it was a Large. It has a night fit and I love that it is a pale pink and the sequins are subtle. If they had honored the online sale price I may have purchased it even in the wrong size!

A Necklace Tee-On sale $19.99. I don't see this online anymore but I was excited to see this little shirt after Hailey on One Tree Hill was wearing it last night....yes, I watch that show, I blame my teenage niece. Consider it a guilty pleasure of mine. Oh, and I am also wearing the vintage matchstick jeans in this pic.

Merino Etheral Ruffle V-Neck Sweater -on sale $49.99. I had fallen in love with this sweater last time I tried it on and regretted it as soon as I got home and saw it was sold out online. So, I was happily suprised to find some pink and black ones in the clearance section. This is a Medium and is mine!!!

So, this is what I tried on except for one thing. The Tango Tank. Mine is due to be delivered tomorrow by my favorite UPS man but i saw some in the store and wanted to be sure I made the right choice and all I can say is wow. I just love this top on, it lives up to all the hype. I'll get you an IRL shot in the next few days.

Since it is Christmas coming up and I already have a J Crew package on it's way I didn't get much but here is what I did score: The merino ruffle v-neck sweater, the black/pink crystal libertto necklace that someone had just returned, and a simple oval shaped Fireball necklace on sale for $17.99

Oh, and here is what I wore on my little trip. I am starting to feel much better, thanks for all your well wishes!

Cardigan from the Loft
Silk Brulee Tank from J Crew
Weekend Jeans from Old Navy
Green Pumps from Target


MMM said...

Thanks for sharing your "try-ons" w/ us. I haven't seen an item look *bad* on you yet! :) I do agree that the Tiered Vintage Fleur Top is over priced- it's cute but I like the silk tiered ruffle tank better on you (maybe it's just the papaya color that I like so well?)!

I have the Masquerade tee and I had to size up in it as well. I also have 2 of the Tango Cupcake Tanks so I am anxious to see how you style yours! ;)

Good score on the Merino Etheral Ruffle V-Neck Sweater~ I guess it pays to wait sometimes.

Kelsey Kim said...

Very cute! I really like the top you wore on your shopping trip. I'm into the ruffle thing, as it hides body imperfections(on me, you don't seem to have any!) ;) Glad your feeling better, we really need to get together soon, email or call me if you get some free time(girl's night?)

Pamela said...

OKAY! I wanted those green Target shoes and when they went on clearance I personally checked 4 different stores and none in my size! They look GREAT!

I really like the brulee tank and have it in a pale color. I like yours! Cute and comfy!
Great reviews. Everything looked so nice on you! Great purchase on the $17.99 necklace. I L-O-V-E finding the jewelry on sale like that!

Chasing Davies said...

I love that Dapple Dot Cardi - very cute!

I have that silk brulee tank for JCrew - loooove it! :)

Debye said...

MMM-I was so lucky on the sweater. I thought I blew it by waiting but it ended up working out! I am seriously considering another Tango tank as well. It just fits perfectly and is soooo flattering!

Kelsey-trust me, I have plenty! I have this whole weekend off--yippee. A girl's night sounds good I'll give you a call

Pamela-I love these shoes too, I think they were clearanced at $7 when I found them. I think mine are a half size too small but I can live with that for the price :o)

Chasing Davies-the Dapple Dot Cardi is a lot of fun, I may get one on the 30% off online special going on!

mrs.anketell said...

Love your daily outfit------that LOFT cardigan is super cute!! I think i got the same one, is it the Dolman Sleeve one?? I got it in the pink color. I have the necklace tee and I love it! Great post, thank you!!

Cleo26 said...

Everything looks great on you, even those pieces you aren't as found of. I tried the masquerade tee too and found it a bit snug, so i sized up. In what size did you try the tiered vintage fleur top. (This top was a have-to-have as soon as i saw it.)

Debye said...

Cleo26-thanks and this is a size 6 which is my normal size at J Crew for blouses

handbags*n*pigtails said...

As always, you looked great. I love seeing all the pieces and reading your "reviews." And did you get your hair cut?

Debye said...

Sarah, no I didn't get it cut but it sure looks like it in these pics!

gigiofca said...

I like the merino ruffle & the beaded tee. Lucky prices!