Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mommy brain boo boo

So, when I was catching up on my blogs I saw that one of you had recreated this look from the Loft styling. I loved the way it turned out so much I decided to try it out myself but as I went to post this, I could not remember or find for the life of me, which blog I found it on to give you the credit.....I call it "mommy brain" and I am sorry!

I am off today to the bank, grocery store and one last Christmas gift. Is anyone else still scrambling for their last minute Christmas stuff? Every time I think I am all the way done, I remember something else but the list has dwindled down so I think I am actually about done this time and I better be since I work all day tomorrow!

**Update, it was Sweet Tea in Seattle's post here that I was looking for, thanks App Gal and Rae!**

White Blouse-Target
Chiffon Rose Sweater-The Loft
Jeans-Old Navy


MMM said...

I *think* you might be remembering this look form Sweet Tea in Seattle's blog!?!? Worn here:

I LOVE this look from ATL too! :) I have these pieces as well so I will be recreating this look too!

I am off to finish some last minute Christmas shopping so, no, you're definitely NOT the only one! =P

**Have a blessed Christmas!**

Rae said...

Yup, Sweet Tea in Seattle Blog. :) I think you look great!

handbags*n*pigtails said...

I am in desperate need of a basic white button down. Who can give me some tips? Debye...was this shirt a recent find? I just cant seem to find one I like, which is kinda ridiculous since I always wear one under something else.
Merry Christmas everyone!:)

Debye said...

MMM and Rae- Thank-You, Thank-You!

Sarah-I got this one about two months ago at Target on the back wall where they put the conservative/career wear. It is hard to find a good white shirt. I will probably upgrade eventually but this one has a nice fit and price tag :o)