Friday, January 15, 2010

Anthropologie Reviews.... and a bust

So today warranted a rushed trip to Anthropologie. Why? We'll get to that later. They didn't have the main new arrivals in yet that I had hoped to find but there was still a lot of goodies I had been spying online. If you notice behind me in the pics, there is a red wagon. In that red wagon is two toddlers who love the echo in Anthropologie's dressing rooms and are yelling loudly. This is why my trip was rushed.

Through the Clouds Tank-$68
This a simply beautiful tank. The fit is flattering, easy, and the details are perfectly done. I can see this being dressed up or down and getting years of use. Online they just have an ivory color, which was beautiful IRL. I ended up going with a pale blue/grey but it was a close call. This is a medium.

I love, love LOVE this tee. It is easy fun and unique. The flowers are a little heavy but don't seem to pull the neckline down. This is a Medium

Dress that I can't find the name of but did take a pic of the tag:
On sale for $89.95. They just had two size 6's left. I am seriously considering running back for it...what do you think. Is it just cute or really cute? Maybe I just like it because it is flattering.

At this point I was really rushing so I didn't wrap this perfectly but this is an adorable cardigan. This is a Medium. It is lightweight and will be great for Spring and Fall. I am keeping this one on my wish list for sure!

Snowscape Tank -$69ish on sale. no longer online but there were plenty in my stores sale section.
This is a size 6 and still seemed too big on me. Didn't have time to grab another size. It is pretty IRL but did not live up to my expectations. Also, the color wasn't as ivory/pink as I thougt it would be and for me, it draped too low. I have seen it look great on others like Kim

And here is what I wore to Anthropologie today:

longsleeve-Shade Clothing
Ice-capped Blouse-Anthropologie
Old Navy Weekend Jeans
Apt 9 pumps from Kohls

And here is the bust (and why I was at Anthro). My lacemaker skirt arrived and the size 8 had the same bunching problem as the 8. It wasn't too tight and I promise those aren't fat rolls. I had read in the reviews that peole were having the same problem but I had hoped the larger size would work but alas it didn't. The lining just seems to be cut wrong (or just doesn't like my curves) and it had to go back but I was prepared this might happen and had a great time spending the credit (again)


Marley said...

I really love that navy dress on you! It is very flattering. I also love your hair- I'm keeping you on my list of "bloggers to look at when I get the urge to cut my hair".

MMM said...

Sorry to hear (and see) that the Lacemaker skirt didn't work for you! :( At least you had the *credit* to buy something else with! =P

I purchased the Snowscape tank last weekend after seeing it on other bloggers but I think mine might be going back to the store. :-\ I'm just not sure that I'm lovin' it on me either!!

Thanks for sharing your reviews! (: Oh, and I really like the outfit that you wore~ the Ice-capped Blouse looks great on you!!

Pamela said...

the ice capped blouse looks so great layered over a long sleeve tee!
I'd go back for that dress. it looked so good on you! It makes me want to go to my store and see if there are any there!
I loved the Recital Cardigan! it's so darn cute. It's on my January list of things to buy during my one day purchase with the 15% birthday discount I received!

Debye said...

Marley-thanks for the hair compliment. My hair and I have a love hate relationship and I just let it grow out again. I have the habit of chopping it all off every year or so.

MMM-shopping with credit is lot's of fun, I just have a hard time staying within the credit amount :o)

Pamela-thanks, i was hoping the layering looked okay on the ice-capped blouse. The recital cardigan definitely get a thumbs up from me and Happy Birthday (either early or belated)

Chelcie said...


Its REALLY cute, not just cute. Hurry! :)

Lorena said...

From all the pictures I actually like best what you wore !!!!!
Don't get me wrong, the other items are great, but I just really liked your outfit!

tres tippy said...

the zig zag tee looks so nice on you! btw love the music on your blog :)

Fashion Therapist said...

I love the dress - I say go back for it. I also really like the outfit you're wearing. Very cute!

Eleanor said...

I love the ice capped blouse layered with your jeans - the outfit you wore shopping totally beats out everything you tried on in my opinion!
And toddlers in a wagon to go shopping?
Pure genius!

handbags*n*pigtails said...

Youre a doll as always! Love the way you layered the two tops together for your shopping trip.
And I too love the recital cardigan. It looks great on you. I cant pull those wrap around tops off b/c my chest is too big.:(

amy kelinda said...

Awww, I'm sorry the lacemaker skirt didn't work out! It's bizarre that it has that bulging problem - I wonder if it is because the lining is cut wrong? I saw that navy dress and loved it too! It looks super adorable on you, and since I'm not going to take the plunge and buy it, I say you should so I can live my dress dreams vicariously through you, haha! I love the tops you tried on, especially the zig zag and zinnia one. It's so different, but beautiful!

Elaine said...

Gorgeous!!!! I love the lace skirt. Too bad it didn't fit like you wanted it too. I hate when that happens!

HeidiG said...

Bummer that the lace skirt didn't work! I love that Zig Zag and Zinna top - so cute, so springy!!

Carie said...

I just found your blog and think you have such darling style.

I was just at Anthropolgie the other day trying on the ice-capped blouse and trying to figure how to do wear it since I too need a sleeve of some sort. The 3/4 length is genius!

Can't wait to read all your other posts.

Jan Russell said...

I love your blog! I am a mom to 3 boys too - including a red head :) You are inspiring me to burn my sweats - lol - you look amazing EVERY day - I am impressed!

The Through the Clouds tee is perfection on you! Love the zig zag tee too! The blue dress is flattering on you - but seriusly - you have a wonderful figure, so this is not surprising! It reminds me too much of Hsnna Andersson, personally.