Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Roses and Blooms

Today was a day to be grateful for what you have. Some of our friends from church just had their eldest daughter pass away. I don't want to imagine how hard that is. I just wanted to be home today and cuddle in bed with my kids, keeping them safe and close. They, of course, had other ideas on how they wanted to spend their day.

This is what I wore. I love the viscose tango tank , it has the best fit. Also, I also wore my merino rose corsage cardigan that I snagged during the extra 20 (which is going on again). I didn't really think I cared that much about this sweater but once I put it on, I really loved it and am so happy I found one in the vintage rose color.

So, that was the rose, now for the bloom. I have been avoiding the Loft during my shopping break and then I cam across this dress on Gigi's blog.....uh, oh........

The Blooms Print Dress. I just love the bold print, the navy with lime green AND orange, the necklace detailing around the collar. I am in trouble. Did I mention everything is 25% off right now (Promo Code SAVE25). Tomorrow I will post some IRL pics for your opinion on the fit.

I couldn't get a good read on the fabric online so I had to go see it in person. It is a rayon/cotton blend with a good weight (mid) and a slight sateen/silky feel. It has a hidden side zipper that does not buldge at all and it is lined.


Eleanor said...

What a sad thing to have happen.
Another reason to make sure we let our loved ones know they are truly loved.

On another note, you are really making me jealous of your warm weather attire while it is still frigid on the East Coast!

Heather said...

Sorry to hear about your friends. :(

Your outfit is adorable. I have that tank and just ordered that cardi this morning! I am so tempted by the ATL dress too, can't wait to see IRL pics on you!

dinagideon said...

I am praying for your friends, that is so incredibly sad. I will go give my two a huge cuddle too. Right after Rex was born, the VA Tech Massacre happened, and I just cried and cried. I told him he wasn't allowed to go there...too far away for me to reach him if there was ever a crisis.

On a much less somber note, you do look incredibly pretty in your outfit. The styling is spot on.

Kelsey Kim said...

Oh, I really like that dress, it looks too short, though? Let me know...did you see I won a $200 ATL giftcard? So I will be getting it this week I think, and will be doing some shopping, hopefully while they still have there 25% off sale.
Glad you got the day off, but rory was bummed he couldn't go play with your boys, so we need to atleast do a little play date. Talk to you soon. Are you going to the Nickel auction next week? Is that where your clean out closet clothes are going? If so, I may have to go...

Tiffany said...

OH wow.... I've been avoiding the Loft too. I'm starting up my Uppercase Living business, so I've been investing in that right now. But that dress.... *sigh*. I *might* have to stop by ATL this weekend and give it a peek. Can't wait to see your IRL pics!

Debye said...

First off, thanks for all your well wishes and prayers.

Eleanor-don't be too jealous, it rained a whole 30 minutes this morning before the sun came out :o)

Heather-you'll love the cardi...what color did you get it in?

Kelsey-of course you would win the gift card. You and your hubby are the luckiest two people ever! I don't even enter contests that I know you're in--what's the point? I planned on wearing the dress like a tunic because of the length. And yes sir-ee-bob, I am selling most of my things at the nickel auction-the rest are on eBay

Tiffany-it's so exciting starting your own business! I have some Uppercase Living phrases in my home and I really love the craft kits!

MMM said...

So, so sorry to hear about friends! :`( I'll keep them in my prayers.

I LOVE the outfit. I have these pieces so I will be copying this one too! ;)

I have been trying to stay away for the Loft too but.... that dress! I can't wait to *see* it on you and IRL! I must go there this weekend! =P

Anonymous said...

You are the cutest thing ever! So glad I found your blog. Your body is amazing!!