Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tone on Tone Inspired

This morning after my shower, I saw this email from Anthropologie:

fell in love with these outfits:

and threw on my own as I rushed out the door for errands! Tomorrow I'll do a little better (promise)

Shirt-DownEast Basics
Cardigan-The Loft
Jeans-Lauren Conrad for Kohls
Belt-Banana Republic
Kady Boots-Target


Pamela said...

Good re-creation! The muted tones look so pretty!

amy kelinda said...

I love a good belt over a cardigan! The neutrals are very pretty, too! :)

Lorena said...

Grey and beige always look sooo classy.

ina said...

i just discovered your blog and enjoy it.
i agree with amy that a belt can elevate a outfit.

gigiofca said...

What a great belt. You did good!