Thursday, January 21, 2010

A (not very pretty) Week in Review

Okay,this was Saturday's post that I hadn't put up. I even titled it "Don't hate me because it is beautiful outside" and wrote:

Yes, I am wearing flip flops, it is still in the 70's here. I grabbed this quick snapshot as I ran out the door yesterday for a picnic at the lake followed by the playground (which is why I have on flip flops. Sand with flats don't mix well. Sorry about the poor lighting and yes, the mirrors are really dirty in my bedroom. Cooper loves to hide in the closet (insert joke here) so his handprints and colored on it with an orange crayon  which left wax lines everywhere. I am sure one day I will miss that when they are all grown up......hmm.....maybe not.

So then what happens from my good weather bragging? Back- to- back storms bringing lots of rain and wind. I know, we So Cal girls are spoiled, I don't mind a little rain (since it is a novelty here) but four straight days of hard rain and wind.....makes me super lazy and stir crazy. So, even though I have been getting dressed and taking some snap shots, I haven't been posting any. Here is a recap of my uninspired week!

A little light rain (which I love) so I dressed in wintery colors and ran a few morning errands. This outfit was inspired from Amy's look from here

Top, Cardigan, Jeans-The Loft
Belt-Old Navy
First really stormy day. Dressed for extreme comfort and a morning run to Old Navy. Weather got nasty and knocked down a large part of our Eucalyptus tree, blocking the whole street and missing my neighbors parked car by inches (no exaggeration). Salvaged evening by watching Coraline and having a pizza party in our living room with the kids.

Dress-Shade Clothing
Possibilies Cardigan (knotted up)-Anthropologie
Getting really tired of the rain and wind. Plus my whole front yard is covered with cut up pieces of our tree. Got the bad weather blues and dressed that way since I only left the house for carpooling.

Wrap Cardigan-Layers Clothing
Jeans-Lauren Conrad for Kohls
Kady Boots-Target

Still raining, everything is flooding but my kids rooms are actually clean from being held hostage by the weather. Can you tell how exited I am about the rain now? My shoes were on my feet for about an hour, the rest of the day was just fluffy socks! Really hoping my Boden order will arrive to cheer me up and remind me of warmer days. Does anyone know how Boden ships (i.e. UPS, USPS, Fedex, etc)?

Cashmere V-Neck Cardigan-Ann Taylor
Bed of Roses Tee-the Loft
Weekend Jeans-Old Navy

Hope your weeks are all going well! Check me out on Kim's blog along with some other Anthroholic followers!


dinagideon said...

Boden is a SLOW shipper. I just received part of one of four outstanding shipments. They also send things in multiple shipments. Sigh. At least there stuff is worth it. I hope to get up one or two of the reviews on the stuff tomorrow (depending on my children's moods, of course).

You are so funny...rain is tough, but harder on those who see it rarely. And what makes So Cal rain tough is the potential for damage like the mudslides, etc. We have very saturated soil all year long here in VA, so we never really have those worries...but seeing what rain does to you all in the winter really stinks.

Plus driving in rain for you all is probably like driving in snow for never have to do it, so it is really hard!!! ;) (I just don't drive when it snows...)

You may not think you look cute, but you all of them...very SAHM darling!!!

Good luck with the clean-up!

Pamela said...

Sometimes things from Boden are shipped from a warehouse in the US and sometimes things come from overseas.

I've been watching the rains in CA on the news! wow. Stay dry and warm. We are expecting snow here in WI later this weekend.

handbags*n*pigtails said...

Wow, since Ive never ordered from them I havent had to wait. I find them too expensive but Id think if youre paying that much for your items they could ship them faster. You've been waiting quite a long time already. But Im looking forward to your reviews when it does come!:)

Lady Cardigan said...

My Boden orders have come via USPS, shipped in a bag from Belgium, and took a really long time to arrive. Two weeks at least, or so it seemed. If yours is in a bag, I suggest you ignore Boden's 'cut here' dotted line and open at the very top to avoid damaging your order (I learned that the hard way).

Debye said...

Dina-you got it right when you said we probably can't drive in the rain! Luckily, the big fire in our town was over a year ago so the vegetation had some time to grow back.

Pamela and Lady Cardigan-thanks for the shipping input. I am sad every time the mailman leaves and there is no package. I will be VERY careful opening....thanks for the tip!

Sarah-they are pretty expensive but everything I ordered was on a 15-20% off promo plus free shipping so it made it more bearable. Plus, there spring line is so amazing and unique, I couldn't resist!

handbags*n*pigtails said...

Oh Debye...I think you've made a believer out of me!:) I LOVE the first dress esp and the "sexy cougar" cardi....I mean, the leaopard cardi.:) Thank you for posting your reviews. Big help!