Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rushing, Boden and some styling help

I overslept a little today and when you have four kids to get ready, it can get a little stressfull. Have I ever mentioned that I hate being late? I just can't do it so todays outfit was a little (okay, a lot) rushed. Good news is that we all still got to church on time to get our regular row and all there were no signs of bed head.

Dress - Downeast Basics
Necklace-J Crew
Boots-Steve Madden

After church, I was ecstatic to see an email that my Boden Spring Preview order had shipped! Yay! This is my first time ordering from Boden but after seeing all the adorable styles that Dinagideon sports from there I had to give it a try, Plus, their Spring Line is amazingly droolworthy. 

Another note, remember the lacemaker skirt that I tried on here ? It is on sale now for $69.95. Hypothetically speaking, If someone were to buy this skirt with her credit (that isn't really shopping is it?) what do you think would work well this skirt?


handbags*n*pigtails said...

You looked great. Its simple and you pulled it off!:)
The lacemaker skirt reminds me of the background here on your blog:) Perhaps its a sign(wink wink).
Ive never ordered from Boden. Please let us know how their sizing goes once you get your goodies.
Have a good week!

amy kelinda said...

You may have rushed, but you look fantastic! I look 100x more ridiculous when I'm hurrying to put something together, haha! Hooray for your Boden order shipping! And no, if you buy something on credit, I don't count that as shopping, hehehe... I saw that skirt in person at the Anthro store and it is so gorgeous! I am at a loss as to how to style it, though. I do know that the goldenrod color looks fabulous paired with teal or purple. :)

Bianca said...

I looove that dress, its beautiful!!

The skirt + a grey loft tee and a khaki or black jacket/cardigan.

The skirt + a fitted navy and white striped tee

The skirt + short sleeved, puff sleeve fitted cardigan as a shirt in a variety of colors with a pashmina scarf around the neck...

Debye said...

Amy & Bianca-you guys have some great ideas. The shirt shipped so I'll be trying them out soon :o)

Sarah-I'll definitly be sharing my Boden order and my take on their sizing!