Tuesday, January 26, 2010

J Crew, I am sorry I doubted you.....some Spring Line Reviews

Ever have those days when your coloring is off, your dark circles refuse to be covered and you gained at least five pounds overnight? Well that was me today but I was determined to go to the larger Anthro store today (some reviews on that tomorrow) and I wasn't 100% sold on anything because of "the yuckies" so I put my items on hold so I could see what may be next door at J Crew but I wasn't holding my breath at all. The new spring line hasn't seemed that promising and I was pretty sure I'd be able to resist. BOY was I wrong!!! They had just  gotten their Spring shipment in today and it was beautiful (and packed) in there! Most of these items aren't online yet so I will give you item numbers:

**UPDATED with online names and links**

Scalloped Zipper Cardigan -$98 Style #23423, color HST

I fell in love with this sweater as soon as I saw it on the floor styled with a puffy mini skirt and a tank. I love the two chunky zippers (only the inside one actually zips), the ruffle and the touch of silk. It is very lightweight and is made of 80% Pima Cotton, 20% wool with the decoration being 100% silk. I found this to be TTS, I grabbed a Medium.

Neopolitan Cardigan-$88 Style #23061 Color VDU with the Ruffled Henley Tank-$39.50

This print coordinates with all the great J Crew colors. It has the dusty blossom, light pink, the cinnamon and a hint of slate and navy. They also had a pencil skirt in this pattern that was beautiful! In the picture I am wearing a Medium but I ended up sizing down to a Small because I typically wear my cardigans open, it is 100% Merino Wool. You can see the coordinating skirt on Anya of Simply JCrew here

I also sized down to a small on the ruffled henley tank which I really fell in love with IRL. This is the Whisper Pink.

Tissue Garland Tank-$45 Style #23337 Color SEP and Ella Embellished Cardigan-$98 Style #24946 Color SHA (shadow)

This tank is so much fun and came in some fabulous colors. If I remember right there was light pink, dark gray, bright coral, white and this color which they had styled with a pale pink cardigan. I sized down here also, this is a Small and it is a really fun piece and I love that it isn't sheer/thin.

To me this cardigan was the love child of Fifi and Rosette.  It is 100% cotton with the embellishments being a cotton/silk blend, It is really light weight and has a looser boxy shape. I stuck with a Medium because I thought I may want to button it at times.

Here is a picture that shows the tank embellishment better (and their dirty mirrors):

Cotton Papillion Blouse -$78 Style #22816

I thought this was a fun little blouse and it fit TTS. It is machine washable but can't imagine having to iron all the oragami butterflies.

I really wish I had tried on more to show you the bright colors they had everywhere. Not nearly as boring as the look books had promised. The lightweight cashmere cardigans were fabulous and I loved the color selection, there were some GREAT dresses and skirts, they just were going to clearly be too short for me so I didn't try them on. They also had some military style (including camo) jackets. A big thing I heard discussed throughout the store was that almost everything in the store was cotton which is great for SAHM's and for vacationing. The only silk they had were a few left over Frances cami's.


MMM said...

I visited my b&m today too! :) Isn't that ruffled zip-up cardigan the greatest!! I LOVED it too so I had to have it! =P
I also purchased the pencil skirt in the same print as the cardi that you tried! I debated betwen the cardi and skirt for awhile because they are both just lovely but in the end, I settled on the skirt.
I picked up a couple graphic tees as well(even though they all looked alike w/ their NEON pink graphics!).
I also tried on that petal blouse. My PS wanted to see it on me because I was the first one to try it on but he immediately started laughing and said that it looked like an 80's prom dress on me!! Ha~ he was right! =P It really did look odd on me! It looks way cuter on you though.
Thanks for sharing! You really look great in everything that you tried on. I must go back for some of those cute tanks though! I didn't even try any because I figured I already had enough 'tanks' but I think you've sold me! ;)

Debye said...

MMM-the ruffled, zip up cadigan came home with me too! I am envious that you got the skirt. I am trying to scale back on skirts since I don't get to wear them as often as I'd like but I think this one may haunt me until I break down.

The petal blouse didn't come home with me either. I may get it on final sale, I have a feeling it will be there in the near future

MMM said...

It's funny you said that about the skirt 'cause I said the same thing about the printed cardi! "I already have sooo many printed cardis"....! ;) This cardi will probably haunt me too though. I think I was just dreaming of actually being able to wear a 'skirt' again--- I live in WI so it was been mostly below zero for a couple of months now! =P

Did you end up getting the printed cardi too? I know we are all going to get a lot of wear out of that zipper cardi~~ it's so darn cute & unique!

I think the petal blouse will make it to FS at some point too! The fetals are just adorable but it's probably not for everyone.

Kelsey Kim said...

All so cute!

sara22185 said...

It's my first time posting, but I've been a Google Reader follower for a while now. Love your blog! What size is the yellow cardigan you are wearing in the 4th picture down? I want to order one, but want to make sure it's the right size (I seem to wear the same sizes as you).

Taryn said...

Great items! Now I'm excited!

Athenista said...

ooooo i am LOVING the zip-up cardi. so perfect! i love your reviews. so nice to be able to see how things fit on a real (albeit slim and trim!) body!

Debye said...

MMM- yes, I did get the printed cardi, I actually don't have many printed cardi's...crazy huh?

Sara22185-I am wearing a Medium in that picture although I am known to size down most of the time in the Merino cardigans. Thanks for posting and feel free to comment again so I don't think I am talking to myslef ;O)

Kelsey, Taryn & Athenista-thanks, I liked everything there a little bit too much!

dinagideon said...

Okay, I love the two cardis, but think I will be trying on the zipper one for sure. A cotton cardi for 98 dollars? Eeek!!! I have a hard time paying nearly 80 for merino ones, so I don't think the printed cardi will be coming to my home until it is much less expensive.

You look fab and you are fab for showing us these goodies!

dinagideon said...

Okay, I upon further inspection, realize the 98 dollar price tag is with the ruffly navy cardi. Oh. Well, for merino wool and an 88 dollar price, it is still kind of high, but all elements considered less "eek"-worthy. :)

Still love the zipper cardi, and want to try it on, for sure.

PolishedMommy said...

I love all of the items you're modeling! Cant wait to get into my B&M. I must have that embellishment tank!

Carie said...

I love that the Cotton Papillion Blouse has sleeves!

HeidiG said...

Thanks so much for sharing all the great pics & info. I am headed to my B&M on Thursday so I can't wait to see what's there!!

Ashley said...

Love the reviews! Can't wait to go and check them out IRL! Quick question what colors does the zip-up cardigan come in? I love it!

F.B said...

I love the Layered ruffle tank. looks really cute. you know i've been browsing through their website and never actually paid attention to it...it looked loose, wide and pretty boring..:)but the white looks good on u, so does the fitting.
i'll deifnately be stopping at J. Crew this weekend after seeing some of these new items.
you can check out some stuff i bought from them recently and styled at home on my blog at:

Pamela said...

Oh, I can't wait until Friday when I can get over to the store! You've got me pumped and ready to check it out!

mrs.anketell said...

Yay----thank you for posting:) I am loving the new tank you have here, and excited to see this color. I am also VERY excited to hear most things are COTTON and not silk. Love the cotton!!!

Debye said...

Dinagideon-I have come to terms with the pricing of their merino cardigans since they are a great weight and the quality is there. That said, I just can't bring myself to pay full price for their cashmere or there pencil skirts.

Ashley-I only recall seeing the zip up sweater in the light gray although knowing J Crew there was at least one other color.

FB-I wasn't sure about this the layered tank online either but I love it IRL

Everyone: I can't wait to see what all you lovely ladies pick out on your trips!

Anonymous said...

Everything you chose really looks smashing on you! Love to see the items In Real Life, it's so helpful. Great post!!

DEA said...

Great reviews of these new items! I like seeing them on someone before I decide to make the trip and time-investment.
Oh, and I LOVE this Ben Folds Five w/Regina song, so so good.


Simply JCrew said...

Great reviews and I really like "what you are listening to" - I love Lenka (I never heard her before). Thank you so much.

audreybella said...

Glad you posted a pic of this. The zipper cardi with the ruffled shirt is a perfect match!

mollywaffles said...

love the gray scalloped cardigan!
and the orange tank is really cute too.

kanishk said...

I debated betwen the cardi and skirt for awhile because they are both just lovely but in the end, I settled on the skirt.

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