Friday, September 17, 2010

Crewlet online??

I had heard some rumblings that the Crewlet was going online and sure enough here is what I woke up to:

I am still trying to figure out how I feel about this. I like that it is open just on weekends but I wonder if it will start to effect the prices (not that they are much lower) since now they have website and photography costs.

GOOD news is, I am headed there tomorrow to pick up a few things I had called to have them hold. Seems a little silly now since I can just buy it online and save myself the trip but that means some dressing room pics for you guys. A few suprises this morning on the factory site were the San Remo and the Lombardi cardigans. I just wore my San Remo cardigan last night and decided I wanted one in gray and sure enough...there it was.

Speaking of which, here is a terrible OOTD picture. The angle plus the flash with a white undershirt gave me a buddah belly thank you but I love the sequin bib tank so I wanted to share...hopefully it won't scare any of ya away!


RunningOnCoffee said...

I was excited to see the factory maya cardigan... however there's no free shipping offer on factory online, and they have the same ridiculous shipping costs as regular jcrew. :(

Desert Flower said...

I for one am thrilled to have the option to buy online from the outlet since there isn't one anywhere near me. I will definitely buy.

Maren Meade said...

I really like your shoes. Can I ask who makes them and where you got them? Thanks!

triciathomas said...

Debye you NEVER could look bad in anything!!! I am so excited about the Crewlet!

Jenni said...

Having the Crewlet online is nice for those who don't live near one but I will never buy anything from it since I live 10 minutes away from one. I still think the prices are a little high for being a Factory store,really. They do have some cute things though and I always find a few somethings I have to have when I go! =)

Debye said...

RunningonCoffee-An introductory free shipping promo would have been nice!!

Desert Flower-it will definitely save me some gas money ;) I only go to the outlets for the Crewlet.

Maren-These are the Vera Sandals from Banana Republic.

Tricia-you are too kind...I soooo wish that were true!

Jenni-I never look at the Factory store as a deal anymore, more of a second chance for items I once missed out on. I wonder how the in store sales will compare to the online version.

Jan Russell said...

It is true - you ALWAYS look great! I'm super tempted by the online Crewlet, trying to stay strong!

Jessica said...

You look great, and always do! I'm really excited it's online now since I don't have one very close to me. Yay!

summiebee said...

Love the tank! Love your blog... How is it running? I am inbetween an xs/s in their t's.