Thursday, September 9, 2010

J Crew Final Sale

I will try to update this tomorrow with some IRL photos but here are my recent J Crew Final Sale purchases. The prices are before the 30% off Promo (use code MUSTHAVE) that goes through tomorrow:

Lace Panel Camisole $168 $39.99

I loved this collection piece when I first saw it styled in the catalog but $168 for a cami that looks like lingerie....umm that was not going to happen. Once it made it to a final cut of $39.99 plus the extra percentage promo I knew I could take the chance. I love this cami, it is very luxurious and well worth the sale price. I wasn't sure about the color but it is really nice IRL and the lace really pops and adds a lot of texture. My only complaint is the straps are sewn just across the seam and the extra dangles inside. Not really a big deal but it may have been if I had paid full price for it. The fit was TTS for J Crew Cami's.

Pilar Paisley Cami $89.50 $29.99

I picked this up in my regular cami size (6) and it fits great except the button at the "v" really pulls. It fits perfect everywhere else and I don't have much of a chest. If you do, you will probably want to size up. Notice the models is unbuttoned one lower then normal. I debated over this cami because I have issues with ruffles around the collar on me but the fact you can tuck the ruffles in sold me.

Stretch Double-Serge Pencil Skirt-Abyss Blue $98 $69.99
I LOVE this color. It is even prettier IRL and it seems a little darker. Like the other double serge pencil skirts, it is really flattering and fits TTS.

Coralie Cami $88 $39.99

I already have this cami in the butternut but I must say that I love the faded black even more. It is a really soft color.... closer to charcoal then black. This works for me since I very rarely wear black. The Coralie fits TTS

Eyelet Bow Blouse $78 $19.99
First impression when I tried it on....yuck. So I tried everything else on and then put it back on.... meh. So I tied the bow better and then quickly warmed up to it. So much in fact that I decided to wear it the rest of the day. It is very light and airy and it is something that was missing from my wardrobe. A casual blouse with short sleeves. I found it runs TTS if not a little big.

Soiree Satin  Blazer $148 $39.99
This was a pop back that I just couldn't resist. The color and material is so gorgeous. An added suprise is the papaya piping in the lining and the satin papaya cuffs. I bought this in a 6 but it seems to run pretty small. It is really tight in the shoulders but not anywhere else. Not sure if I am going to love this one yet....verdict is still out.

I have a few more Final Sale items on the way that I have seen IRL and loved...the sequin-strip tank in vintage fatigue, the sparkle waves henley in blush stone, and the Petal Stream Tank in English Saddle.


Anonymous said...

LOVE all your pics--I would take any one of these--we have similar tastes!
The Soiree looks awesome!
I have the Coralie in the Faded Black and think it is so elegant. Also have the Pencil Skirt in that color--agree--gorrgeous--I just luve Crew's Pencil's! smile

Jan Russell said...

I love the Coralie Cami so much, I wish it would pop back up in my size before the promo ends! And that pencil skirt is such a gorgeous shade of blue...I wish I'd work up the nerve to try one!

triciathomas said...

Trying so hard to resist heading over to J-Crew's site right now.... losing will power!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Debye,

Just wanted to let your readers know that the new Tucker for Target line is in stores (at least in Sacto, CA). I went to Target today and everything is out.

Love your blog. Please post some of the LOFT sylings