Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shopping to stay cool....literally

If you hadn't heard, we are having a massive heat wave here in Southern California and just as it was about to start...our AC broke down and the repairman will not here until tomorrow....ugghhh. So no OOTD for the last few days (well, I guess there is kind of one in this post) and I have not had the urge to wear any make-up that I would just sweat off so you are getting dressing room pics with a naked face and messy hair.

To avoid the baking in the oven, formerly know as our house, we kept busy.....well...er...shopping.  Some were valid errands and some where just for fun. This mickey card is trouble.

First up, the moss tweed pencil skirt and the selvedge chambray shirt: the moss tweed has been on my wishlist for a while so I finally decided to try it on in store. This is a six as they were out of my regular size (8). The colors are beautiful in this skirt but the loose structure of the tweed plus the smaller size did nothing to disguise my pot belly and I wish they had kept the longer length for this one. I almost got it anyways but changed my mind. I may still order online in an 8. See it on AppGal here And the chambray shirt...why do you hate me so? I love this top yet it has no love for me. As many times as I try it on (here and the outlet version) it just refuses to wow me "on". As overpriced as it is....I guess I should be grateful :)

p.s. yes, I think Cooper was about to pounce on me

Next up the "shawl collar cardigan that I forgot to take a picture of the tag to know what it was called" and the Vintage Matchstick Cords. So many pretty colors in these but my size was sold out in almost all of them. These are the aluminum in a 29R and the fit is tight but since they relax, these should be perfect. This is the same size I wear in the matchstick jeans. The cardigan...yeah....no thanks. Not so hot on me, I look like a sloppy mess. I bet if it is styled better it would be cuter, also I may try it again sized down.
I had actually gone to the store to see about finally pulling the trigger on the Brompton Hobo that someone had returned, I figured with the 20% off I could splurg (see, here is my lazy OOTD). I love the color and leather they use on this bag but it was pretty bulky for me. After seeing the Rhodie Satchel IRL, I think I may pass (notice the word MAY).
And lastly, I found a little treasure. My store had sold out of the bronzed ochre double serge pencil skirt really fast. I held out on it originally because I thought it might be too similar to the one I already have in bronzed twig. However the tones and fit are different so when I saw an online return in a size 6, I had to give it a try. See it on AppGal here , Chloe here, and Andrea here. I love it paired with the buffalo check boy shirt. This is a size 8 and I ended up with a 6 which is my normal size in tops.

Well that was all I got to...you can see that the natives were restless in the background. My mom comes in to town tomorrow so I am planning on actually getting dressed! Watch for an IRL pic of Bici tee soon ;)


Couture and Crayons said...

I didn't know you were in Cali. I'm from Southern Cal myself. Thank goodness for JCrew benches. It keeps the kids occupied for a short time. =)

Janice (Couture and Crayons)

Kris said...

Hi, did you decide to pass on the Brompton because you liked the Rhodie satchel better? I haven't seen the Rhodie irl but am thinking about ordering it on the red phone.

Anonymous said...

I really like the buffalo boy shirt paired with the ochre pencil. After seeing the skirt on you I'm reminded of just how much I loved it in person and I may have to go order one with my red/white card. Thanks for the link love!

Debye said...

Janice-yeppers....I live in Poway which is in Northern San Diego County.

Kris-yes...the Rhodie is even better IRL. As cool as it looked, I wasn't sure if it was my style until I saw it in the store in person. Now it will be mine (or at least I hope so)!!

Andrea-thanks, I just love the unique color and feel of this skirt. I am so glad I didn't miss out on it!It looked fabulous on you...you should get it ASAP ;)

Jan Russell said...

I love the pencil skirt and boy shirt paired together - what a great Fall outfit...even if it feels like the dead of summer where you are. Enjoy the time with your mom!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jan. I love the boy shirt/pencil skirt combo. I may try it myself;)

Thanks for the pic of the Brompton hobo. It's been on my wishlist/salewatch for a long time but now I see it's a lot bigger than I thought.

The moss tweed skirt will be mine this weekend;)

Tara said...

I absolutley love that last pencil skirt! I couldn't manage to get it to look right on me though. Very cute!

~Tara MixandMatchFashion

Annie said...

I love the last pencil skirt on you....the color is so beautiful on you. If you are a fan of the leather and color of the Brompton hobo, you should get the satchel. It's alot smaller. I really love mine.

Aynna banahna said...

I like your stroller. With the backseat below and kinda shaded. So nice!


Lori said...

omg, your son in the background of these pics is so cute and hilarious!

triciathomas said...

YAY the stroller is back! I love/hate that thing! I love the pencil skirt and boy shirt together it's a great combo! I hope your AC gets fixed fast that is miserable!

Tammy said...

The Cooper pounce pic is hilarious!!!