Friday, September 17, 2010

Trip to J Crew Factory Store

I thought it might be a waste of time to go to the J'Crewlet the same day as the website premiered but they had been sweet enough to put the last blush tweed pencil skirt on hold for me in an 8 so I decided to pack up the gang and head down. Turns out, this was a good thing as some of the pricing was different.

p.s. I am battling a yucky cold so excuse the sick face.

Mohair Souffle Cardigan Size M (runs a little large, I ended up sizing down) orig. $59.50, sale online $49.50, sale in store $41.65 with 30% off promo
Blushed Tweed Pencil Skirt: Size 8 (runs large, 6 fit better) orig. 99.50,  online sale $89.50. Was marked originally $89.50 in store
End on End Camp Shirt: Size medium TTS, orig $59.50, online and in store $49.50

This was the first J Crew pencil skirt that I didn't like. It was very thin and stretchy. It bulged where my shirt was tucked in even though the camp shirt is thin. It also flared back out at the bottom (although you can't tell in the picture). I left it behind even though the coloring was so pretty. I sized down to a 6 and the fit was better but still had all the same problems.

I like the mohair sweaters, especially this spicy olive color. It does itch a little (it is mohair after all) and I liked it better when I sized down. The campshirt was cute on and fit TTS

Christen stripe ruffled tuxedo shirt, Size Medium (runs large, size down for sure). Orig. $59.50, sale online $49.50, sale in store special $19.99
Tie-Front cardigan Size small. Runs large, I sized down and it was still loose. Original $59.50, sale online $49.50

Stripe Racerback Tank Dress, Size M (my TS) runs TTS if not a little big. Orig $39.50, Sale online $27.50, sale in store $19.99 plus extra 30% on clearance items=$13.98
excuse the pairing, I forgot to try it on and threw it on over my clothes at the end. I grabbed it for a swim coverup but I may find a few ways to wear it normally as well.
Wool Herringbone Professor Blazer-Size 6, TTS to a teeny bit big. Orig. $178, sale online $124.50, sale in store (40% off promo) $106.80

Loved the fit but it was itchy. For the weather out here, I didn't see myself wearing a lot of longsleeves with it so I traded it for another jacket in the end.
Retro Stripe Mohair Cardigan- I sized down to a small on this one and loved it. Orig. $69.50, Online sale $59.50, in store sale $48.65 with 30% off promo

 A little itchy but great for the winter!

I grabbed a few more things that I didn't have in the dressing room.

I picked up a San Remo Cardigan in heather dusk. Orig. 69.50, sale online 52.50, in store $48.65. It is so similar I will have to hold it up to my original to see what the difference is.

Velvet Eden Blazer. I sized down to a 4 in this one. Orig. $118, sale online $82.50, in store promo $59.99.

I had tried this on in the retail store and passed. The factory version is much softer, thinner and has less structure. For me this made the fit sooooo much better. I did size down, the 6 looked good but I preferred the 4.

Lastly, it isn't online but they still had the vintage cord pencil skirts in. I grabbed the plum and it was marked down to $39.97 plus a 30% off clearance promo so it totalled $27.98 whoo hoo!!!


Jenni said...

WOw..there are some real differences in price i-store on a few of those huh? Crazy! I saw that velvet blazer last time I was at my Crewlet and loved it but didn't try it on. I may have to pop back in and actually try it on because the more I see it the more I'm lusting after it!! Great reviews girl!!

Couture and Crayons said...

THANK YOU!! I was interested in the professor blazer. Looks like I can get a better price in store.

Annie said...

Thanks for the review! Debye, if I bought a size 4 in the Canterbury Bells skirt, do you suggest I buy a size 2 of Brushed Tweed skirt in crewlet version and is the sizing the same or different for the store version? Sorry for the million questions but I missed out on the skirt and now I really want one.

Barbara said...

hope u r feeling better quickly!!! u look swell even if u don't feel it!!

guess what I got in the mail today?? The postcard for LOFT's 30% off Sat, 9/11!!!!!! hmmmm think that was LAST weekend.....

Anonymous said...

I loved some of the sweaters at the Crewlet online. I had one in my cart, but noticed that the shipping was $10.50 on top of tax. $14.50 is too much to pay on top of the price for one sweater!

Jenni said...

So I stopped in my Crewlet today to check on that blazer and I fell in love! I also sized down...the sleeves were super long in my normal size. Can't wait to wear it with some skinnies and boots!! Thanks for enabling! =)

gigiofca said...

Barbara - I recvd my 30% Loft notice after the weekend as well. *lol*

Debye - Thanks for sharing pics. I'll link to them on my blog :-)

A said...

Thanks for the reviews:) I have been liking the crewlet in the last 6 months.

Debye said...

Barbara & Gigi-gee, a little late on their postcard mailing ya think?

Anonymous -the shipping can be ridiculous. Once I had high shipping like that on one item and I mentioned it in the BizRate survey and they refunded it to me.

Couture & Crayons-it really is a great blazer and the in store promo was so much better then online!

Annie-I would definitly recommend sizing down from what you wore in the cantebury bells.

Jenni-you are welcome ;) I love my eden blazer to bits!


A-you are welcome, maybe the crewlet was stepping it to preparfe for the online release