Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Psssttt.....another Blog Sale is coming

Guess what ladies?? I am going to have another Blog Sale this Friday starting at 7 am (PST).  This one will be a little smaller but it will also have some really special pieces in there that I had to think long and hard about. I just have too many things I never wear so I have to let some things I love go.

During the last sale I ran into issues with shipping costs being more then I anticipated so here is how I am going to structure this sale to make it easier:

Flat Rates of the actual items (inclusive of shipping and paypal fees)

  • $10 -1st item
  • $7- 2nd & 3rd items
  • $5-everything else
example: if you purchase 6 items it
would be 10+7+7+5+5+5= $39

so (theoretically) you could get a top, three sweaters, a skirt and a dress for $39

Hope that makes sense and I hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

I understand your concerns with under-charging for shipping, leaving you with a big bill. Just so you know, USPS has a calculator on their site if you have a way of weighing what you are selling. You can enter the weight/size of the package, and where it's going, and you'll have the shipping cost.

What you quoted is really a lot for shipping things within the US unless we're talking heavy wool coats being sent by Priority Mail.

Debye said...

Anonymous-just to clarify, the cost of what I quoted above is the cost of the actual item including all fees and shipping. Everything is sent Priority Mail (mostly flat rate shipping)

When we are talking name brand items, $10 is a great deal for a J Crew cardigan that has only been worn a couple times

Anonymous said...

Well since I have been living in the jeans I bought at your last sale I can't wait for the next one!!

modernmom said...

I wore an outfit out of one of the Polyvores you created form me today. I feel special! LOL Can't wait to see your goodies Friday. ;)

Elle said...

I think the first anon may have been confused...I think he/she might have been thinking that is what you are charging for shipping ONLY and not shipping AND clothes. :)

Can't wait, you have such fabulous clothes. :)

Anonymous said...

Whoops, my bad - I guess I misunderstood your post. I thought that was just shipping + paypal fees!! My apologies, and thank you for the clarification!

cmf221 said...

such great deals! i wasn't quick enough last time but but did get to see what nice items you offered.

melinda said...

OOH, I can't wait! I was too slow to get anything last time too, but you had some fabulous things!!

KDot said...

Oh, I will NOT miss this sale like I missed the last one. Will you ship to Canada? (I don't mind paying extra for shipping if so)

Debye said...

KDot-yes, I can ship to Canada