Wednesday, April 21, 2010

As Good As It Gets.......

So, as you know I am a mostly stay at home mom with 4 boys, two of which are toddlers. So yesterday I started what I had been dreading for over a year......potty training. Loose translation, I am now trapped in the house with my day revolving around trips to the potty, sitting on the bathroom floor reading books, sticker bribery rewards, and laundry. Sounds fun, huh? Just like I imagined, one loves it, the other hates it so I am changing my game plan today to one toddler at a time. Christopher will continue to wear underwear and Cooper I am going to lay off of him for another week or two (or three).

So yesterday I was amazed to make it out of my sweats but this was as good as it was going to get, I was pooped (no pun intended):
Roses and Ruffle Tank-J Crew
Jean Jacket-Gap
Pants-Old Navy

Today I was supposed to have a visit from my Angels worker so I had to try a little harder to pull it together even though I will not be leaving the house again.
Jaipur Perfect Shirt-J Crew
Merino Etheral Sweater- J Crew
Long & Lean Jeans-The Gap
Teal Necklace -Steinmart

Have any of you taken advantage of the Loft's Friends & Family event??? I was trying to resist since I am just weeks away from an employee discount but my will power may not end up being strong enough. Also, remember the 40% off in store coupon for Banana Republic is valid this Saturday. I have this and this on hold.


amy kelinda said...

Haha, no pun intended! You're awesome, Debye! I'm glad at least one of the little guys is taking to potty training well, even if Cooper does need some more encouragement. I love how you layered the printed shirt under the sweater in the second look! You're absolutely stunning!

Jen said...

I've been going through all your past posts and girl, I LOVE your blog!! Your pictures are giving me so many good ideas... ideas from my own closet nonetheless!! ;-) Keep the pics coming. I'll be back of course!!

Peggy said...

Debye- I love your second outfit! So pretty! And I've been using my Clinique Even Better Moisturizer and I have noticed a difference!

elledee said...

I like those cropped pants, they are so summery!

The Chic Chauffeur said...

I love your second outfit!!! (The first is cute too) I have that shirt, and am trying to decide all the different things I can do with it!

Question? Do you think your J Crew clothes will get lonely after you start at the Loft? I was asked by the manager to apply at Ann Taylor, but keep thinking, Oh entire wardrobe is J Crew.. How do I merge the two identities? Your suggestions are much appreciated!

Debye said...

Amy and Elledee-thanks a bunch!

Jen-Welcome and thanks!

Peggy-glad you are liking it!!!

Chic Chauffer-I have been really concerned about this as well. I figure though, the styling of J Crew and the Loft are similar so as long as I try to mix some Loft pieces into my J Crew wardrobe I will be okay!

Kenia Chan said...

The entire composition is in perfect harmony. Its beauty fascinates me! I enjoy visiting your blog! Kisses!

Nice blog baby! kiss from Brazil, by Kenia Chan!

amers72 said...

Left a comment on a older posting but purchased the sunburst skirt today with the 30% promo.
Now I am at a loss on how to style it. I have this horrible habit of buying an item without thinking through how I am going to wear it. Would love to hear your suggestions. Which Loft will you be working at? Live in north coastal sd and would love your help shopping at the loft you are working at.

K. said...

hi, i am loving your blog! I have a question though, where are you finding your BR coupons? Is it a credit card promo?

Debye said...

Kenai Chan-so sweet, thank-you.

amers72: styling ideas coming....I am working at the North County Fair Loft

K.-it is an in store coupon that they give you when you make a purchase. It is 40% off any full price item on Saturday the 24th and May 1st