Monday, April 12, 2010

The Scoop and the Stash

So the Loft interview went well, I should hear back this week if I got it, if not...that's okay too (although I'd really enjoy working there)!  The group interview was unlike anything I'd done before. There were six of us and they would ask a question and we'd all have to go around and answer it. For me, this was just fine and kind of fun once you got used to it, like girlfriends talking. There were some neat ladies there so I am sure the final decisions will be tough. I did feel bad for the younger, shy-er (is that a word?) applicants. I would not have been comfortable in that environment when I was younger and they clearly felt awkward.

And ladies, guess what? I was the ONLY ONE wearing any article of Loft clothing. That suprised me some in fact, a few of them said they had never shopped there *gasp*!

I did do a little shopping this weeken although I had said I wouldn't. I had a hard time not going crazy with the 20% AND free shipping on all tees and knits. There were so many I wanted but I settled on two:

This top is on backorder but I didn't want to miss out on it!
I know the buzz has not been big on this tee but I LOVE the peachy color and look how cute it is on Katie Holmes

And while we are at the J Crew tees, I finally caved in and got the slub cotton embroidered flowers tee off eBay:
And I picked up a great suckered gingham top at Banana Republic that I'll show you tomorrow. Here is my OOTD from Saturday at work. I love this top and plan on wearing it how I would really like to (without the dark dress code) this week!

Palmera Ruffle Cami-J Crew
Jackie Cardigan-J Crew
Pants-Banana Republic


Jenni said...

I can't wait to hear that you get the job (cause I'm sure you will!!!) I cannot believe no one else had any ATL clothes on!!! What the heck? And applying there without ever shopping there? I'm thinking that won't go over so well with the people hiring. I guess everyone who wants a retail job just applies for anywhere hiring regardless of if they're familiar with the store or not these days. Love your cute OOTD...those shoes are too cute too!! And I love that T that Katie Holmes wore...she rocked it, and so will you!

Anonymous said...

Hope you get the job! You would be a great fit at any ATL I'm sure, with your style.
Love your outfit as well--and that you find such great things on ebay!

Pamela said...

Wow. I can't believe no one else work Loft and that some never even shopped there. Interesting. Well, you've got the leg up there :) Good luck! I hope you hear positive news!!!

I only ordered one tank from the last sale. Hey, with Free shipping, i couldn't resist the tuxedo tank for $15!

spiffy said...

huh? I can't imagine applying for a job at a retail store where I have never shopped - either way, I hope YOU get the job!

AppGal said...

You should get the job simply for wearing their clothing--and wearing it WELL! Many times the way an SA is dressed sells me on a particular store's clothing.

I have been in a group interview before, and my experience was horrible because I WAS that shy and awkward girl back then! This was in high school and I was applying to work at Abercrombie & Fitch (my favorite store back then!) The interviewer was a 20-something year old dude and the other interviewees were cute, flirty girls wearing short skirts. I was so out of place and felt so awkward! The mangager spent the entire interview flirting with the other girls and practically ignoring me because I was shy. Ew. Ugh. Not a good experience. Glad I didn't get that job!

Anonymous said...

You'll love that shirt you got on EBAY. That shirt goes w/everything. Dress it up, dress it down. I always feel good in it, too.

Jan Russell said...

I totally echo Jenni's thoughts - why would they be applying to a store they haven't been interested enough to shop at? And WHAT would make them offer this information to the person interviewing???!! The fact that you are a customer and showed up looking amazing in their clothes is more points for YOU :)

Looks like you grabbed some cute JC tops during the promo!

handbags*n*pigtails said...

Ive always thought you SHOULD be working at ATL so hopefully the interviewers felt the same way.
Good luck!