Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sequins, Sunbursts, Skin, Sunshine and OOTD

I have had a problem with self control and shopping this past week (or two) and my bank account is showing it. Now I am going to get back on the shopping within my budget wagon. But first, let me share some of my recent purchases.

I haven't seen this in a store yet but I fell in love with it online. It reminds me of  J Crew's Shrunken Sequin Cardigan mixed with the Twisted Chiffon Cardigan.

I kind of broke my own rule by purchasing a jaquard skirt with my lifestyle but it didn't really feel or look like what I think of as a jaquard. It was less dressy and softer. I purchased it in an 8 and it is a little loose so I wear it a little lower on my waist. Only drawback? The pockets. I know, since when are poclets a drawback? These are slit pockets right on my hips (directly below waistband) so they poke out a little adding bulk where I don't need any. That said, it is not drastic enough to warrant a return.

Dear Clinique,

I have fallen in love with you. In just two shorts weeks I have banished all others and am declaring my undying devotion to you.
My top picks:
4. Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer (included in free gift set)

I really love their lipstick too, it doesn't feel like lipstick, clump or smell. I am hooked on this one in Bamboo Pink You should see my Clinique Wishlist. At Macy's they are having the free Clinique gift ($60 value) for any Clinique purchase over $21.95. Talk about a great deal. I have three gift sets already (shhhh......don't tell).

And lastly some Sunshine. I am such a bad blogger sometimes. I read (and thoroughly enjoy) all my comments on my phone but I don't normally get back to the computer enough to properly respond. I was lucky enough to I receive a Sunshine Award from Peggy and Lady Cardigan both of whom have great fashion blogs with wonderful senses of humor! Thanks ladies and sorry for the delay in posting the award!

Instructions for the award:

1. Put the logo on your blog within a post.

2. Pass the award on to 12 bloggers.

3. Link to the nominees within your post.

4. Let them know they received this award by commenting on their blog.

5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.
Okay, because I lagged thoroughly posting this award I noticed that it has gone through most of the blogs I frequent so I am going to cut my blogger number to 6. I know, I am a rule breaker....
1. Kelsey at Courageous Mother because she is my friend and I adore her!
2. Jan at The Girliest Boy Mom because I am convinced we were meant to be sisters
3. App Gal from Musings on the Mountain.....I know, I know....you are on an indefinite break but you still spread your sunshine around!
4. The Girls over at Sensibly Styled they are always ready to help with any fashion dilemmas
5. Chelcie at The Guilt Free Housewife  such cute style and so budget friendly
6. J Crew Chick at About All and Nothing at All love her style, what more can I say?

And here is what I wore today, I pulled out the new hat tee again already it was a happy accident....such a comfy tee. I was going to wear the palmera with my dusty blossom maya cardigan but decided it was too pretty together to waste on a not going any where day (plus who wears silk around the house except for PJ's) then I decided to check out the color combo with the guava maya cardigan, then the guava reminded me of the pretty flower on my new hat shop tee so I pulled that out, realized the maya "twist" covered the flower but decided it was a winner for me today anyways. See, happy accident.
Maya Cardigan-J Crew
Lester Hat Shop Tee-J Crew
Coral Necklace-The Loft
Weekend Jeans-Old Navy
Nude Sandals-Moda


Peggy said...

Hey Debye! I'm so happy you posted about the clinique items. I've been looking for a lip treatment so I am going to try this out and see if it helps with my lip lines.

Peggy said...

ohhh, I just looked at the clinique bonus - it looks great! Do you know how long it lasts?

Michelle Q said...

LOVE the Maya cardi - I think it makes this outfit. SO cute!

What's up with this week? I've blown my budget and it's only Tuesday. Everything was tempting me this weekend and yesterday, so I bought from Lands End, Anthro and Tulle. Eesh.

Debye said...

Peggy-the clinique bonus is supposed to go on as long as supplies last. At our store I have not heard of the supplies running low yet. I hope you love the lip treatment as much as I do!

Michelle Q-at least we know we aren't not alone :o)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting your buys--I've been looking for a new moisturizer and I'm debating that ATL cardigan--please post a review. Also, love your casual outfit too!

AppGal said...

Aw, aren't you sweet :) I may be back once school is over. This will be my first summer with nothing going on...I may need some distraction! I love the Maya cardi on you. It looks great with your coloring. Re: Clinique...have your tried their eye cream? I am still looking for a good rec. Have a great day :)

Jan Russell said...

You are so sweet, thanks Debye and don't I wish we were sisters, I would totally raid your cardigan collection ;)

I LOVE that jaquard skirt - I was at my Loft last week when they were unpacking them, and it's stunning! A woman grabbed one from the box to try - just too pretty to resist this one! I can totally see you in it, so I'm glad you bent the rules!

Debye said...

AppGal-I have tried their repairwear intensive eye cream and it is amazing. It only takes a teeny bit and I noticed the difference within the first few days. It has really firmed the skin under my eyes and helped erase the wrinkles I am starting to get!

Jan-you can raid my closet anytime :o)

amy kelinda said...

Clinique's Moisture Surge moisturizer is truly amazing. It helped me get through the winter! Love! The skirt looks amaaaaazing and I can't wait to see you in it!

Kelsey Kim said...

I'm sooo flattered that you gave me this award!! And I adore you, dear friend. I thought you were going up to Kelli's? Let me know when your free so we can try again!!

gigiofca said...

I love that new Loft cardi. Thanks for the Clinique bonus info. I have been meaning to get a lip gloss in Black Honey, which I haven't had in years. Good to do during bonus time.

E Hayes said...

I just found your blog and I LOVE <3 your style! (right up my JCrew & Jean lovin alley)... and you're kids are too cute :)

Jenni said...

First, love all your Clinique finds! I'm a Clinique girl all the way...make up xnd skin care and I love it! Second, I was at Loft today and spotted that cute sequin cardigan hanging up. I tried it on and fell in love! It came home with me. I found it to be TTS as it has kind of a boyfriend type fit ( except shorter) and bought a small. I can't wait to find ways to wear it! Thanks for enabling! I see it's already sold out online! Third, love your cute OOTD! You work that Maya sweater well!

Jenni said...

Whoops...just kidding. It'd not sold out...wrong link. I thought that would have been weird! Haha

Vegease said...

Hello, I have the same skirt. Stitch the pockets down. It gives nice lines.

amers72 said...

Would love to see how you style the skirt. I purchased one during the current promo. but have no idea what to wear with it.