Friday, April 23, 2010

Ribbons & loose thread

Here we are at Friday again! I am headed for a packed next 7 days. Between finishing up at Macy's and starting at the Loft I will be working every day but Monday. So  I am going to look at it this simply....more hours = more employee discount shopping......see, now it sounds so much better.

Here is what I wore yesterday before work. I had another Social Worker visit and then ran out for some errands. For those of you eyeing the necklace, I grabbed it at Banana Republic this week. It is not online but may be in is a beauty. And yes, I did cut that wild thread before I left the house. 
shirt-Banana Republic
tank-J Crew
Jeans-Banana Republic
necklace-Banana Republic

Here is what I am wearing today inspired by this polyvore set . I ended up throwing my hair into a loose, messy ponytail because it went with the feel of the outfit better.  I am picking up Chase early from school as a special treat to take him out for lunch and a little shopping. Before you go thinking I am a bad mommy, it is an early release day so all he is missing is lunch and recess. Speaking of shopping, I decided I needed to have the neapolitan pencil skirt and I went to grab it and WHAT? They only have size 14 left so I called CS and they are doing a storewide search for me.....wish me luck! Have you ever done the storewide search? If so, how did it work out?
Ribbon Front Blouse-J Crew
Maya Cardigan-J Crew
Vintage Matchstick Jeans-J Crew
Juliet Heels-J Crew


Lilly said...

Great outfits. Love the Ribbon Front Blouse, very cute.

amy kelinda said...

Oooo, I hope you get that skirt! I've never done a storewide search before, but I've heard success stories from JCA! I'm crossing my fingers for you! I love that maya cardigan on you! The color is darling!

Also, I went to my local Ann Taylor to search for the lace skirt for you and all they had in stock were 2 size 6's and one size 12. :( I'm sorry!

rynetta said...

This is too funny, I just did a store search for the same skirt yesterday, and they found it! I need the 14, but it wasn't on the website yesterday, but it "reappeared" this morning. I've had good luck with the "We will find it for you" service in the past. My fingers are crossed for you!

ina said...

i also did a store wide search for the vintage zebra mini and they found me one.i am sure you will be lucky to get one.

Nic said...

On Monday CS did a storewide search for me for the Jaipur Skirt and not only did they find the skirt within 2 hours but they shipped it out on the same day! I received it yesterday and love it! : ) Best of luck to you!

triciathomas said...

I hope they find your skirt!! Cute outfits and I love the ribbon blouse!

Lady Cardigan said...

Both of these outfits are very pretty. I especially like the ribbon front blouse. (I see I'm not alone in that!)

Anonymous said...

Could you tell me if the ribbon front blouse runs tts? I just found one on ebay and not sure what size to get Thanks for your help.. P.S. Love your blog, you have a eye for cute outfits Thanks Nancy

Debye said...

I think the ribbon blouse is true to size. I usually wear a six in their dress tops and this is a four and it is a little tight across the chest.