Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where Did The Week Go????

Is it really Thursday already and I am just now posting for the week??? It has been pretty crazy around here. As if the four kiddos weren't enough I have been working at Macy's and going through my Loft paperwork and training. Yesterday was four hours at both places and I am beat but I am happy to report that tonight is my last night at Macy's and I have a whole week off before I start my first real shift at the Loft.

A HUGE thank-you to all of you for all your great answers on my last post. I have decided to try out the Crewlet when my mom is down for a visist so she can watch the toddlers and I will call ahead first to see if they have any new shipments in and/or any specials!

Also, as an FYI Macy's F & F started yesterday. It works on watches and designer handbags (unlike there other coupons). I decided to stock up on some new shoes during the sale so I could take advantage of my employee discount one last time. I got these, these and these

So here are all my catch up outfits this week so far.......

Here is what I wore Monday for paperwork. I am so ecstatic that I found this skirt on eBay, I really heart it!
Lesters Hat Shop Tee- J Crew
Abstract Lattice Pencil Skirt-J Crew (from eBay)
Bandolino Shoes-Macys

Here is what I wore for my first night of "on boarding" at the Loft.
Breeze Jackie Cardigan-J Crew
Bubble Tank-Loft (old)
Martin Fit Pants-Banana Republic

Here is what I wore yesterday morning for day two of my "onboarding". Excuse the toddler hand smudges all of my mirror....what can I say? they love this mirror
Ivory Fitted Blazer-Loft
Bow Tie Top-Loft
Sequin Detail Cardigan-Loft
Modern Crop Denim Capris (love these)-Loft
Vera Sandals-Banana Republic

And here is what I wore last night to work at Macy's:
Carscading Silk Shell-Loft
Pencil Skirt-Apt 9 Kohls
Necklace-Banana Republic
Belt-J Crew


Kate said...

love the lattice skirt and lester's tee on you!

triciathomas said...

I love all your outfits!! Enjoy your week off you deserve it!!!

amy kelinda said...

I'm so glad you'll get some rest soon, you've been busy! I looove the lattice skirt -- I was so mad when it sold out before I could snag my size! You look wonderful in it! I got that exact bow Loft top too! It's so darling! I love how you wore a cardigan over it and let the bow drape out. I may just have to steal that idea!

Pamela said...

I own the lattice print skirt in the orange and love it too! It looks great with the tee.

Your Loft outfits are so cute! If I saw you working the floor at the store, you would definately inspire me to make purchases. Your styling is perfect!

Liz said...

You must be thrilled to get to wear a lighter color palette! I love the bow-tie top! Congrats again :)

Jan Russell said...

The lattice skirt loves you back! SO pretty! And hello? That bow top looks amazing on you! I will live vicariously ;) Question about the gray Target pumps in your last outfit - how do they run? I found a pair on Ebay, but it's 1/2 size larger then I normally wear, as long as they don't run huge, I may try them with an insert...thoughts?

I'm glad you have a week off around the corner - you need to kick those cute-shoed feet up awhile and relax!

Debye said...

Kate & Tricia-thanks a bunch!

Amy K-you can steal my idea and I am stealing hoe you belted it over the ends!!

Pamela-I love it in orange too but that one is so hard to find. And thanks, it is great being able to wear jeans on the sales floor!

Liz-you have no idea, I am soooo tired of dark colors ;o)

Jan- I wear an 8.5 or 9 in shoes and my Target Mary Janes are a 9 so I say GO for it!!!

p.s. I think that bow top was cuter on you then you thought;)

MMM said...

Your outfits are fabulous! I really like the Lattice skirt and Hat tee one! I might have to try that one since I have those pieces too! ;) I only wish I looked good with the tops tucked-in! :(
Enjoy your week off! I'm excited for you to start at the LOFT soon~ Yay!! :)

Jenni said...

LOVE that LOFT outfit with the bow top and sequin sweater...SOOO cute! You rocked it girl! I love your style and if I saw you wearing that while working at LOFT I'd ask for every single piece! I think I need that bow top now!

Aubrey said...

I just found your blog randomly, and I love it! You have great style. =)