Monday, April 5, 2010

Loft Interview Outfit Ideas

Since you had such great input on my Loft interview brand dilemma, I thought I'd run my interview outfits by you. Warning, I am terrible at Polyvore so far but hopefully I will learn the tricks one day but for now, you get the general idea.

Interview Outfit 1 (group interview):

Items in this set:
Slub Cotton Perfect Shirt, $60
Ann Taylor Loft-Chiffon rose cardigan (rosette), $90
Harper suede-and-patent platform heels, $230
J.Crew-Bubbe necklace (soft violet), $150
LOFT: Skinny Knit Pants

Interview outfit 2 (individual interview): I may change around the tee (this one isn't an exact match to mine)but I like all the tones together but we'll have to see how they translate into real life (the cardi is on it's way)Loft Interview 2


Pamela said...

I love the group interview outfit. I think you need a key piece that makes you stand out just a little bit more than everyone else. I think the necklace could be it!

And the individual outfit is great, too. It looks polished but still has the ATL ease about it. Great choices!

KCK said...

I think both are great choices! Good luck!

MMM said...

I agree~ They're both great choices!! You included mostly ATL pieces but still mixed in some 'other' brands! ;)
I'm glad I can follow you on Polyvore now too!! :D

amy kelinda said...

I love the group interview outfit and I agree with Pam that the necklace could definitely help you to stand out from the rest of the interviewees!

Jan Russell said...

Both outfits look great! The fact that you are putting such effort and care into them already shows what a great employee you'll be!

And LOL about Polyvore, I could NOT for the life of me figure out how everyone was able to make items larger/smaller so all my sets had a tiny skirt with ginormo shoes - frustrating - then today I realized I could adjust the box around the picture(duh, smacks head) I hope to catch on soon, too!