Friday, April 2, 2010

What I Wore, An Interview and a Question!

Is it really Friday  already, I don't know where this week went! I had a busy and unmotivated dressing week....ever have one of those? Ohhh, and I have an important question I need your help on after my OOTD so make sure to scroll down ;o)

This is me on a lazy chore day and I will warn you now, I look less then thrilled in my my pics this week. (Mental note: smile more during photos)

This was what I wore on a strictly "CDL" day (baby). I can't get enough of these Banana Republic Skinny Jeans, they keep their shape so well....highly recommend!
Knife Pleated Tank-The Loft
Cardigan-Banana Republic
Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic

I also decided to bring one of my wall outfits to life from my fashion wall here . I am not the biggest scarf person but it was a rare dreary day so I took advantage!
Cotton Corsage Cardigan-J Crew
Silk Ruffle Tank-Banana Republic
Scarf-DownEast Basics
Vintage Matchstick Jeans-J Crew
Vera Stappy Sandals-Banana Republic

And here is my question for you: I have a interview at the Loft next week (whoop, whoop) and I was curious as to your opinion on what I should wear. Should I try to wear mostly Loft pieces or should I feel free to wear whatever I want? Mostly, I wonder about J Crew.....should I not come in dressed head to toe in a competitor?

And lastly, here is what I picked up during the Final Sale Promo at J Crew, I was really proud of myself for keeping it under $ was hard to do!


Jenni said...

Even on your "non-inspired" days as you call them, you look great! Love your final sale picks...I got the art tee in ginger...can't wait to get it! As for the interview I don't think I would wear ALL ATL...I would wear major pieces (like a jacket and shoes) but maybe tie in other brands for the rest. I would totally wear that mint green Silk ruffle tank with a's adorable! Good luck!!

Meli22 said...

dress with as many ann taylor peices as possible! I think they will like that A) you actually BUY ann taylor, 2) you are stylish in their clothes and 3) you will be a great person to work there since so many people get inspired by what the ladies are actually wearing! :)

Jan Russell said...

You always look great - your "easy" outfits are my "put effort into it" outfits - lol. I finally picked up a pair of ON weekend jeans after loving them on you - they are COMFY!!!

Whoohoo on your interview with Loft! I would for sure wear mostly ATL pieces! When I interviewed/worked for Gap many moons ago, this was a big deal for the managers. You need to wear their brand to work in, so they like to see you wearing it and know that you enjoy buying their stuff. I wouldn't say every single piece has to be from there, but I would mainly stage your outfit from their store! Oooooh I am jealous of your potential discount!

Peggy said...

How awesome you have an interview at the Loft! Good luck! My friend gave me a BR gift card for my bday so I will check out those skinny jeans!

szmom said...

Even on your "cdl" days you look fabulous! I completely lucked out at J. Crew yesterday. For two months now I've wanted the stained glass cardi to pair with an Anthropologie dress (the in-the-moment dress in yellow), but it was sold out in my size both online and in stores. Even ebay didn't have a large for sale. But what do I stumble across in the sale section yesterday? A lone stained glass cardi in my size! Happy day! I got that, two gold toned bracelets and a clear necklace on sale, as well as the "hat" t-shirt (which I adore) for $10 off. Can you say score? LOL

Good luck with the interview! My uneducated opinion is that you should dress predominantly in Ann Taylor and/or Loft items.

Happy Easter! Doreen

Anonymous said...

You look great! I ordered the first JCrew tee you posted in two colors (plum and ivory)---couldn't resist, either! Best of luck with your interview. I'd probably go for mostly Loft items (or at least wear one item from them).

Lady Cardigan said...

I am guessing whoever interviews you is going to pay some attention to what you wear. Personally I would mix it up, wear one or two things from Loft and/or Ann Taylor, but not head-to-toe anything. Show them that you're savvy about clothes and know how to make Loft pieces work as part of a wardrobe.

Midwestern Crew Girl said...

I used to work at Loft in management. My advice is wear LOFT. They are big in delighting their customers. Good luck. The discount is really good. Plus you can use it as a conversation piece.

Aynna banahna said...

I saw maybe try wearing mostly Loft things, but throw in a few things that you love even if it's not. Maybe subtle things, like your shoes or whatever. That's my advice

Pamela said...

I would definately wear the Loft. How exciting. I can't wait to hear how it went! Good for you. What an asset you'd be to the store. Everything you wear looks great!

amy kelinda said...

Hmm, I'm going to have to give Banana Republic's skinny jeans a try! As for what to wear to the interview, I think you should at least wear one "big" Ann Taylor piece so that the interviewer can see that you know how to style the clothes they sell! A big piece would be like, an Ann Taylor blouse and skirt, though you can accessorize with other brands (cardigan, jewelry, etc). Good luck!

gigiofca said...

I hope the interview goes well. I agree w/everyone about wearing Loft but mixing in another piece or two from another retailer. I am rarely inspired by what the Loft employees wear. You will definitely be an asset. Good luck!!!!