Monday, April 5, 2010

Ruffles and Lester's

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! The babies hid my camera between the couches so I am a little late on my posting.....imagine that. Thanks for all your input on the Loft Interview outfits, I have two in mind to show you (assuming I get to the second interview) later.

This is what I wore on Friday, excuse the lighting (and the unmade bed) I was improvising.
Viscose Tango Tank-J Crew
Spring Ruffle Celosia Cardigan-J Crew
Belt-Banana Republic
Pants-Old Navy

So, I had originally passed on the Lester Hat Shop tee. I liked it straight away but had overspent that day but after seeing so many JCA's wearing it I knew I would regret letting it go. After hearing about all the goodies szmom scored on her comment here, I knew I had to dash over to J Crew to see what may be waiting for me. I too was able to pick up the Lester Tee at $10 off and the Palmera Ruffle Cami in Whisper Pink for $49.99. Every time I look at my Palmera cami I think about Gigi's comment about a paper shredder but I love it anyways! Here is how I wore the tee this weekend to work.
Navy Jackie Cardigan-J Crew
Tee-J Crew
Skirt-Merona Collection for Target


mrs.anketell said...

love both outfits---glad you got the hat tee,i love mine:)

Anonymous said...

That hat tee looks so cute with that outfit--in a funky sort of way!
By the way, after reading your comment on how you purchase your jackie cardigans from ebay and have a good stock of them now, I decided to begin doing the same and scored one for $30!
Good luck at your ATL interview--I am loving that store (even more than Jcrew these days..gasp).
Lastly I love your blog!!

Pamela said...

I almost bought that tee on Friday, myself, and now am kicking myself that I didn't! I wonder if the promo is still going on. I love it with the skirt and cardi! UGH!. i always do this!

Lady Cardigan said...

It's amazing how dressy you made that t-shirt look!

Btw if you have time to stop by my blog, I gave you an award.

Jan Russell said...

I am swooning for the first outfit! I wanted to grab the Nordstrom look alike to the Celosia Cardigan, but it sold out in my size. Love how you paired yours with the ruffles and belted them together - cute, cute!!

I misread at first and thought this was your interview outfit and I was "tsk, tsk" that you didn't wear any ATL at all- lol - good luck when you DO interview this week ;)

Summerilla said...

Love your first outfit, you look fabulous in it. It's something I could see myself wearing for sure.

Good luck on your interview!

gigiofca said...

The Merona skirt looks great. I love your outfit. Thanks for the shoutout :-)

szmom said...

I'm so glad you scored some goodies at J. Crew too! The hat t-shirt is so fun, I'm glad you picked one up. Pamela you have to get one too! Both of your outfits are lovely Debye. Loft would be very lucky to have you.

A said...

I love that Merona skirt. Did you get it recently? I wonder if it is still available. Thanks.

Debye said...

A-I picked up the skirt before Christmas but I believe they still have some petite sizes online on super sale. Just search tweed pencil skirt on the Target website!


I'm just curious....Who takes your pictures for you? Do you use a timer on your camera?

Debye said...

KIMS CORNER-95% of the time my photographer is my 14 year old son, the other 5% of the time I force my husband!