Friday, October 9, 2009


I was hoping to wear one of my new J Crew or Ann Taylor Cardigans today but the hot sun had something else in mind. Darn you, sunny San Diego, how am I supposed to rock my new Fall clothes?

At least I was able to sneak in my new patent leather skinny belt that I received on final sale from J Crew. Speaking of which, did you buy anything from the final sale today that you were on the fence about after they released the 20% off final sale items code you can find here ? I did. I shouldn't have since I spent my "clothing allowance" allready but I finally broke down and got this top that I was coveting but couldn't justify since I already have the rolling ruffles tank.
Cardigan from Anthropologie
Placed Petals Tee from Ann Taylor Loft
Gap Linen Skirt from eBay
Skinny Belt from J Crew

p.s. yes, my hair is accidentally darker got to lighten back up for tomorrow's pictures


Kelsey Kim said...

OOh, I LOVE that ruffle top you got from J crew, totally cute!!Wish I got a clothing allowance!! ;)

Ela said...

It's so funny how the weather sometimes doesn't quite work with the outfit we had in mind. I love your modest fashionable style. When I have little ones of my own (which I pray for all the time), I'll have to make sure to remember it's possible to still be stylish :)
Love the skirt!

Thanks for your warm comment on my blog, hope to see you again :)