Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ann Taylor Loft Trip

I love "The Loft" it is no big secret. What is also no big secret is that you will see a lot of J Crew influences in there. Here are some of my favorites that I took home(the pictures should link):

The Leaf Trim V-Neck tee. First off, this is not a v-neck but it is a perfect simple little layering piece and for $12.99 who could resist?Some of the ruffle cami's this year are beautiful but have a little too much ruffle at times. I liked the simplicity of the Split Neck Ruffle Shell but I was afraid that the extra ruffling around the shoulders would bunch and add bulk with a cardigan. I didn't find that to be the case at all (thankfully) and the fabric was soft enough that the boxy shape didn't "poof" up a cardigan and allowed it to taper in arounf the waidt. The size small looked good but was a little tight on the chest (and I am flat chested) so I stayed with the medium which felt more comfortable.The SA talked me into trying the Corduroy Modern Bootleg Pants in inkblot. This blue is really deep and rich, absolutely gorgeous. I can usually wear a 6 or 8 in pants but typically opt for the 8. In these, the 6 was not happening at all but the 8's were perfect! Take note, the inseam on the Regular is 33 1/2 so these definitely run long (which is great when you are taller like me).I quickly grabbed up this shirred v-neck cardigan that they just got in. It is very lightweight and soft even though it is 69% wool. I just loved the rosette color (which is in between a camel and an oatmeal) with the ruching. I loved it so much, in fact, that I was able to ignore that the other 31% was polyester. This is a very thin cardigan.The Ruffle Trim Waist Blouse w/tie. I have been eyeing this top but had never tried it on but today I did and there is a lot of charm in this blouse. I usually wear a M or size 6 in tops. I knew I would want to wear this with a cardigan and the medium was a little too blousy and seemed to hang low due to the weight of the fabric so I sized down to a small and that was perfect!This one got away, but only for now! The store only had size Small in stock and the fabric is thin, clingy and unforgiving so I wasn't comfortable sizing down. All that aside, this dress is beautiful on, much more so then you would imagine just looking at it. It was longer then it appears on the model and will look really great with a belt and tights (like in this pic). I see my size online.....don't know how long I will be able to resist....
Can you say Victoria? ATL's version, the Striped Pleated Collar Button Front, is amazing on! The collar is not too much but definitely makes its own statement. The shirt felt very tailored and tapered nicely

These are most of the things that made it home with me. That is a lot of trying on with two toddlers screaming in a stroller. Now that I am browsing, much calmer, online, I see a lot of styles that weren't in the store yet that I will have to go back to try on like this, this and this


AppGal said...

That "victoria" blouse caught my eye as well. I missed out on the jc victoria styles, so it's good to have an option!

Question on the tulip dress...I have been STRONGLY eying this dress, but have always been afraid of cowlnecks for some reason, i guess because of my broad shoulders. Is the cowlneck really exaggerated, or is it flattering? and just how *thin* is the fabric? Is it appropriate for fall/cooler weather, or is it more of a summer jersey fabric? TIA!! Thanks for the reviews :)

Debye said...

AppGal- I felt the dress really had more of a boat neck then a cowl neck-very little draping. The fabric is thin and stretchy but not "see-through thin", it is a good quality. The dress really has a fall/winter look to it but if you are somewhere that gets very cold you would have to wear tights and a sweater.

I am not sure how to accurately describe the material but it is the shiny spandex type that seems like it itself would get colder in the cold....hope that makes sense!