Saturday, October 17, 2009

Anthro Anyone?

I have been in Anthropologie withdrawals the last few weeks and this dress Gigi picked up, pushed me over the edge so, where do you think I am headed? Where we live we have a lot of great places to shop but the part I hate is that Ann Taylor Loft is at one mall about 15 minutes away, Anthropologie is at another that is about 20 minutes away but in the opposite direction and J. Crew is at yet a different mall which is 30 minutes away. What I would give to have all three in one spot! Then again, I may never leave if that were the case.

My goal today is not to be sidetracked by cute tanks, tops and sale prices but to instead focus on one fabulous splurge item. Let's see how I do.......
p.s. I am convinced that my new silk brulee tank is missing a bottom ruffle

Silk Brulee Tank from J. Crew
Shirred V-Neck Cardigan from Ann Taylor Loft
Tweed Flower Pin from The Limited
Weekend Jeans (that I live in) from Old Navy
nude pumps from Kohls

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Kelsey Kim said...

Well, I wish you would have waited to go to Anthro a little later than this morning as my parents picked up the kids a while ago, and now I'm bored! I could have helped you stay on track. Anyways, can't wait to see what you picked!