Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Off to Work (how strange)

Yesterday I wore an outfit I just loved but I couldn't find my camera as I ran out the door to fill out my final paperwork and get my schedule. When I saw how many hours I was lucky enough to receive, I proceeded to uncontrollably sob the whole way home so I figured that picture of me would not be too great.  *don't fret if you are applying for a seasonal position, I actually accepted a full time temporary position for an employee who is on a leave of absence*

Today, I am pulled back together and trying to keep in perspective that this is temporary and I will see my kids again and they won't be emotionally scarred forever. This is the cardigan and pencil skirt that I picked up at Target, it is part of the Merona collection and the quality is amazing for the low price! For fun I added a silver ruffle top to mix with the gold accents.

p.s. Gigi, I am trying to get those sale dates for you, I did see the hint!! :o)

Pencil Skirt and Cardigan from the Merona Collection for Target
Charlie and Robin Ruffle Cami from Anthropologie
J. Crew Skinny Gold Belt from a fellow JCA
Shoes from Steinmart


Kelsey Kim said...

Ahhh, so looks like you'll be MIA for a while, huh? I'll come visit you one of these days while your working, I still need to spend my giftcard. And yout outfit looks great, very classy.

gigiofca said...

Super cute outfit! I like it. And you'll be able to wear your outfits so lots of ladies can get good ideas. Don't worry about the kiddos. I think it's good for kids to see their parents trying new things. It will provide contrast & they definitely learn from that.

handbags*n*pigtails said...

Love the outfit, as usual:)

Debye said...

Thanks for the support gals! Of course, the first thing when I walked through the door (at bedtime) that my six year old said to me was that he didn't want me to work so I needed to quit.... that hurt a little.

It is fun wearing non "mommy friendly" clothes though I must admit!