Thursday, October 29, 2009

From Summer to Fall

I had blogged about this dress before here and my feelings have not changed. I just love this dress and now that it is on sale for just $34.99 I am considering ordering the mulberry color as well. I realized I had never shared an IRL pic so what better excuse then to pull it out and transition it into more of a fall look.

Dress from Victoria's Secret
Cardigan from ?
Banana Republic Belt from eBay
 Boots from Target

Yes, the boots are the Kady Boots from Target that Kim raves about. She convinced me and I am so glad, for $29.99 you just can't beat it!


Ashley said...

Again, I love the outfit! How tall are you? I would love that dress but sometimes with dresses with my height they can run a little short! I seriously want those boots. I was wondering if they were good boots, but you have now convinced me that I need to get them!

AppGal said...

Such cute boots! I am equally sad and glad that I don't have a Target near me...sad because I miss out on a lot of cute stuff, glad because I definitely save a lot of $ :) Love the dress too. You can't get much better than a good knit dress (esp. when it has a bra top!)

Debye said...

Ashley- I am 5'9" so I have the same problem with dresses being too short. This one is a great length!

AppGal-Target can be really dangerous so it probably helps that it is far away! With online shopping I can really debate a purchase and make better decision. When I shop "live" I am way too impulsive and get in a lot of trouble!

handbags*n*pigtails said...

Oh thats actually great to know. Im 5'9 1/2" so now I have good reference on lenghts as well. Thanks!

gigiofca said...

I love how you winterized this dress. So cute.

amy kelinda said...

I like the dress with the boots! I can't believe those boots are from Target, they look so well made! How would you say the sizing from Victoria's Secret is? I'm always wary of ordering from them because they don't carry their clothes in stores and from what I remember, don't allow in-store returns?

Debye said...

Amy Kelinda- I find that Victoria Secret's clothing runs TTS. The clothes are made by a few different manufacturers. The only thing I (personally) found to run a little on the small size were their London Jeans. Hope that helps!

mollywaffles said...

Those boots are a great find; I love the cardigan too.

amy kelinda-- You're right, VS does not allow in store returns for online purchases... and if you return items that allowed you to get one of their tiered promotions online, they take the whole discount away (i.e. charge it back to you) instead of splitting the discount among all your items.