Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Shopping Woes

First off, let me say that I blame my husband for the shopping disaster that was today. He told me I should find one great item to splurge on so I was determined to do that and was destined for failure. Cardinal rule of shopping, if you have something pictured in your will not be able to find it. There were a lot of cute things, just not "that thing".
First stop, Anthropologie. A lot of the great jackets and sweaters I have been hoping to try on were not there but no worries, there were lots of dresses and Anthropologie does dresses so well!

The first three were too short for dressing room pictures but they were so adorable on making it so disappointing. The 36" measurement on the Bold Boutineirre (not pictured) and the Grand Cru dress obviously did not take into account the "poof" of the dress which made it at least two inches shorter. When you are tall, that makes it a mini dress. The Color Drenched Dress is beautiful on, but very "mini".

Here are the one's I can show you.

This is the Sideswept Sweater Dress in a Medium. The fit is a little off. The draping is really loose on the upper body but the overall fit of the dress was nice and the length of the sleeves and the dress itself was perfect. It had a matching full slip (versus lining) but the length was about four inches shorter then the dress. In the end, it didn't wow me even on sale.

I loved the Reed Shirtdress. This is a size 6, an 8 would have been better. This dress was adorable and felt like a 50's throw back. The website doesn't make it look as full but it could just be my hips......I had all sorts of visions of this orange-red paired with navy blue but yet again, too short for me. Had it been a little longer, my shopping day would have been done right then and there.
I had been eyeing this shirt online and I was so exited to see it in the store. In all fairness, this shirt was cuter then this pic gives it credit. The fit was a little off but this is a small and a medium would have worked better. I liked this top but again, because of my husband (he loves how I am blaming him for all this) I passed.
I tried on a few more tops but the only other pic I have is of this blouse which seems to be sold out online but still had some in the sale section. Cute but not cute enough for today's mission.

I don't think I have ever walked out of Anthropologie empty handed, definitely a HUGE disappointment. So many cute things online, nothing in store that fit the bill.

Express, The Limited and Ann Taylor.....blah. Next stop The Gap.
This is the schoolboy blazer and the pintucked tie neck shirt . I did like this top but it is more casual then it appears on the website and it is really long and is two toned. For $59.50 I had to pass but if it goes on sale I may grab it.
Here is the shrunken schoolboy blazer again paired with a dress. The jacket is an 8 and is loose through the waist, a size 6 would work better. I just didn't love it enough. I have a Level 99 denim blazer from Anthropologie that is similar plus I felt like I had worked at a yacht club in my teen tears and was trying to wear the jacket again even though it didn't fit. Maybe if it were longer. The dress on the other hand, was adorable but I will wait for it to go on sale. Now that I am looking online, I don't see it anywhere and wish I had taken a better picture of it by itself. At Banana Republic, I really liked this knit jacket but that was about it. I don't see it online but it came in gray or black and it fits TTS, I am wearing a Medium and it ran about $98. If it weren't for the over sized collar I may have taken it home but it was a little awkward so I have to think more on this one. I also felt like the band placement created a "pooch belly" feel with the way it hit but I think the black color would help.
So what did I get? I picked up this Mac and Jac coat which is really cute but I am feeling unsatisfied which means I may need to return it and head to J. Crew next week.


gigiofca said...

I love the Reed shirtdress on you. So cute! I agree it could be a bit longer. Isn't it always the way...when your money is burning a hole in your pocket, you cannot find anything ? The Mac & Jac coat is cute, but you could find something similar for less at Macy's in the Tulle line. The Mac & Jac jacket has 3/4 sleeves, which I am paying attention to these days. Jackets without full sleeves should definitely be lower price imo. I also passed on the Gap schoolboy blazer. It was just a bit too structured for me. Good reviews!!!

mollywaffles said...

Love the BR knit jacket - maybe I will find it in store when I go with my 40% coupon!! I think I'm a lot shorter than you (I'm 5'2") so maybe the band will come a little lower on me.