Monday, October 12, 2009

Today Was About Comfort

I have never understood why so many of us associate comfort with jeans and a baggy t-shirt when a knit dress with a cozy sweater can be even more comfy and looks twice as nice.

I woke up tired today and knew I would be folding laundry and packaging orders most of the day so there would be a lot of floor time. If no one were to see me all day, I probably would have stayed in my jammies but walking Chase to and from school and the inevitable dash to the store make pj days impossible unless I want to end up being nominated for "What Not To Wear". So I chose my favorite go to outfit, a knit dress with a cardigan. Since it was finally chilly out, I was able to finally wear my new cashmere sweater (fits TTS) and the dress (on sale now) I bought when visiting my BFF in Idaho.

p.s. Did you get the email on J Crew's insider sale? There is a copy of it here. I have to decide between a trip to Anthro or online shopping a J Crew......decisions....decisions......

p.s.s. Don't you love how the flash made a lovely circle on my belly, just what I need!

Perfect lightweight cashmere cardigan from Ann Taylor
Leading Lady Dress from Downeast Basics

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gigiofca said...

I like this outfit. It's a great alternative to jeans/tee/cardi for a casual look. :-)