Friday, November 13, 2009

My Trip to The Loft, come and stay a while!

Well, ladies. About two seconds into the dressing room fittings I knew I was in trouble. I LOVE the new arrivals at Ann Taylor Loft. So let's jump right into it.

The Chiffon Rose Cardigan $89.50
Yes, it is a lot of moola for a cardigan but my prediction...this will never make it to sale. I don't even think all the sizes will make it until Thursday's Friends & Family Sale. I totally loved this cardigan, it is truly a unique piece and therefore I was okay to live with the price, especially with my 20% off card so I guess that is kind of cheating when I say I am okay with the price. I tried on a Small and a Medium. The fabric is light but the rosettes add weight so the small gaped at the buttons. Not because it was too tight, just the weight combo so I opted for the Medium.

Next up was the Pinwheel Detail Cardigan $59.50
I wasn't overly impressed when I saw this online or on the hanger but I thought I'd try it on anyways. Once on, I was impressed. It only comes in one color, grey violet which is a very pretty color but I would have not realized there was violet in it. It did make the grey unique enough to make it feel like not yet another grey cardigan for my closet. Also, in person the chiffon detailing is darker and I really like the effect. This is a Medium and oops, I forgot to try on the metallic leopard skirt.

The Corsage Tee on special right now for $19.50
As with all ATLs tees, I love the fit and feel and that the "flowers" are jersey knit instead of chiffon. This is the teal color in a size Medium. It will come home with me one day but since it will probably be around for awhile, I decided to wait.

I had high hopes for this cardigan but when I saw it I was disappointed at first. It is very thin, like the shirred v neck cardigan and is a merino wool/acrylic blend. The first one I grabbed had a run in it which wasn't a great sign and I would have liked more color choices. When I put it on, I was happier. It has a great fit and I felt it was flattering. I passed though. I think I like the NY & Co version better which is also $20 less, thicker and comes in a great honey yellow color.

Are you still with me? If you need a water break, I'll wait 'til you get back.

I have had my eye on this top for awhile so I finally tried one on in the lavender dusk. This is a Medium and with most of their shells, I need a small. This is pretty top and would look much better in the right size. I knew I was already going to go over budget so I didn't ask for the right size.

My guess is that this will sell out soon. I tried this on for fun but ended up drooling all over it. They did an excellent job in mixing the sequin fron with a jersey tank back. It is flattering, comfy and fun. The silver pic (light charcoal heather) is a small and the gold (rosette) is a Medium.

I have been stalking this jacket for quite some time but I just didn't fall head over heels for it once I put it on. This is a size 6. It fits across my shoulders and chest perfectly but is loose throughout the rib cage and waist. It probably doesn't help that I had it over a baggy shirt. I may have to try it on again another time to be sure.

Again, I picked this dress up strictly for the blog. Honestly, I didn't like this dress much online but when I saw it in the store I thought it might be good for the bloggers if I grabbed a dress plus this dress was not too short like most ATL dresses. When I got to the dressing room, the SA had styled it for me with the textured sweater coat (officially a Loft Lounge item) and the short cocoa pearl necklace. This is look I would have never put together on purpose but it really worked, whoda thunk? I was shocked to find that I loved this dress. I am wearing a size 8 (my norm) and the sweater coat is a size M with the sash tied in back for better shaping.

What do you think of the dress w/sweater jacket combo? What are your top ATL picks right now. Remember also that for every $50 you spend, you earn $25 ATL cash that you can use after November 30th.


amy kelinda said...

The sweater/dress combo is cute, but I'm so sure about the color of the dress. Because it is a satin-y material, seeing it in that color reminds me of a nightie, especially with the ruffled bottom. The sweater is gorgeous, though, and I think it'll pair nicely with other dresses too! I looove the pinwheel detail cardigan on you, the colors are wonderful and it's so much fun! The ruffle shell is cute too, and I bet in a small, it'll be even cuter!

handbags*n*pigtails said...

Im drooling over alot of these pieces too. Its with mixed feelings that I say Im sad we dont have an ATL near here or else Id be in alot of trouble. And I have a hard time shopping ATL online b/c of the way different things run size wise on me.
I love how you posted all these though. Thanks for the reviews! Looks like you had fun:)Was this with or without the kids in tow? If you had them with you, you deserve an award.:)

MMM said...

I am drooling over ATL's new arrivals too! :-P

I actually ordered The Chiffon Rose Cardi (in this pink color and the dark plum because they are BOGO 1/2 off) and the Sequins Sparkle Tank (in pink) earlier this week. I am reeeally hoping that they fit! I ordered M's in all of them but I think that you are smaller than me so I may need to size up to L's!?!? Do you normally wear M's in ATL's cardis?

Anyway, hopefully they don't sell out of them before I am able to try them and see what size I actually need! I live about an hour away from the closest mall otherwise I would just run there and see! =P But you can bet that as soon as I receive that package I will be taking that hour trip to the store to do any exchanges/returns that I have! ;)

Thanks for sharing these w/ us! You really look great in the items! (:

AppGal said...

YAY! Thanks so much for the pics. You chose some great items to try on...I'm especially drooling over the chiffon rose cardi (I like the plum online!) and the sequin shell. Where in the world would I wear it though? It's a little too flashy for high schoolers, hehe :) I'm heading to Charlotte tomorrow and will pop into my favorite mall to have a look-see. Thanks again for the pics! You looked great!

** Daily Lily ** said...

Hello, I am a new follower ^^ Thanks for sharing the pictures w/ us. you look amazing & I really like the ruffle shimmer dress on you!

Debye said...

Amy K-maybe that is why I liked the combo so much, because subconsciously I felt at ease in a robe and nightie :o)I took the pinwheel cardi home, loved it!

handbags*n*pigtails-you probably save a lot of money not having a Loft close by! I have found that when it comes to their cotton/jersey clothing, I wear a medium, anything silkish I am a small. For all bottoms, I stick with an 8 even though the SA's always tell me I'm a 6. Sometimes they sit lower on my waist but I have hips and a bootie that demand the larger size!

oh and this trip was sans kiddos since my mom is in town. Otherwise I would have been sweating and crying by the second or third pic!

MMM-I usually wear a M in ATL cardigans. I can also fit in their smalls but I prefer most of my cardigans a little looser. The sequin tank fit perfectly as a small but i ended up getting a medium just because I am paranoid of belly rolls when I sit!

App Gal-the sequin shell is more casual on then you would think. The entire side and back is like a tissue tee. I plan on wearing it mostly with jeans and cardis. Can't wait to hear how your ATL trip goes!

**Daily Lily**-welcome and a huge THANK-YOU! I bought the dress even though it was priced pretty high and I was starting to wonder if I was the only one who liked it:o)

Angela said...

the cascading ruffle shell is very pretty! I love it.

Kelsey Kim said...

I rarely shop at ATL...VERY rarely. Like maybe twice ever. But they really do have alot of cute stuff. I really like all the cardigans you tried on.

gigiofca said...

It's so great to see these on someone else. I am still on the fence about the rosette cardigan. I love it but not sure about the visual weight it adds.

I love the dress on you. Not with the cardi, though. The texture of it competes w/the beauty of the dress. $0.02

Bianca said...

Dress looks fabulous on you! I would wear it with something more structured/and or fitted over top though - like the corsage sweater. The larger sweater over it is not great for the dress, together, it reminds me of the grungy looks of the 90s. You know - with the Doc Martins and the knitted stocking caps.

This was a great post!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the IRL pics. Love to see them! What did you end up with, in which sizes, and what are your true sizes? TIA =)

Cleo26 said...

I like all the pieces on you, especially the pinwheel cardigan.

I was wondering about the tweed jacket. Is it lined? How's the fabric, itchy, soft?


Debye said...

GiGi and Bianca-I will have to play around with a different cardi or jacket w/the dress to see. Bianca, I totally see what you are saying.....I was a little punk chick in highschool and this a nicer version of something I might have worn with my oxford knee high docs!

cdp: I stuck with M and 8's which I feel are my truest sizes. If I wanted some of the pieces more fitted, I could have gone down to a size without it being too tight. One exception, the cascading ruffle shell which would have to be sized down.

Cleo26 - I honestly don't remember if the jacket was lined but it wasn't itchy at all and it had a nice weight to it.

Pamela said...

Great reviews. I love that sequin sparkle tank. I actually like it over the tee, call me crazy. What an easy breezy way to be casual but wear something so glittery!
The chiffon rose cardigan looks great on you.
And I actually like the dress and sweater combo! with some darn patterned tights and cute shoes, it's a definate winner!

Julie said...

Thank you for the post. I am new to your blog and I cannot go to the B&M to keep up with the sales and new items, so after the kiddos are in bed, I will check your blog (and gigiofca) to find items to update what I already have. I bought the cardi and sequin top (would have by-passed them without your pictures) but agree with above posters. The dress is beautiful on you but the heavy sweater is too much. The t shirts are OK, but money is better spent on special the cardis.

JTC said...

Thanks for the reviews. I am a new follower and love ATL. It is always inspiring to see a mom of three who looks so pulled together!

mollywaffles said...

i think the dress looks great on you - but i agree with others; maybe not with that cardigan. the cardigan doesn't look as dressy to me? maybe the right shoes could make it work.

love the pinwheel cardigan on you so much more than the picture! you can't tell online that there is a slightly darker color on the edge - and i like that it has that darker trim.

love the sequin tank; my size is already sold out in 2 colors!

Lulu said...

Cute stuff! I am so excited for Friends and Family. I really love that deep purple color on you.

Nicole said...

I loved the animal print skirt and tried it on today...but I'm just not sure how much use it will get since it's so sparkly.

Seeing you in the gray sequin tank makes me want to go back and try it on. I have the rosette color on hold with the animal print skirt, waiting until tomorrow to get my mom's opinion and to use her discount because this stuff ain't cheap!

I tried on that tweed jacket and wasn't thrilled with it either. Same with the tweed dress.

Anonymous said...

All the pieces with a corsage like detail, can be found at Forever 21 for around $10.

On the cheap that is. They don't look as nice, but hey..! :)

Style on a String ..because style has nothing to do with money.

MaryMoo said...

Just found your blog courtesy of Appgal (many thanks!!).

Wanted to let you know I picked up a corsage l/s tee to wear to a football game this weekend and washed and dried per instructions and one of the rosette details came off. It's going back.

Loving the new ATL items and you are seriously rocking that dress :)

mrs.anketell said...

Awesome pic's of the ATL new arrivals!!! Yay!! thank you for doing this!!!