Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another ATL Review.....I am now shopped out!

Today I grabbed a lot of IRL pics of items I haven't reviewed yet so I will try to be brief! I know, seriously....I went to The Loft again??? When my Mom is in town, I grab the opportunity to shop without the kids!

Drapey Flutter Sleeve Top $44.50: I really wish I had gotten this when they still had the blossom color. This is a small.

Petal Detail V- Neck Cardigan $69.50: Size Small, really cute but too similar to a J Crew cardigan I already own to make it home with me! This is a Medium

Animal Print Ikat Blouse $49.50 : Cute print, if I didn't own a similar top I probably would have grabbed it. Size Small

Toggle Button Sweater Vest $59.50: Ummm, camping anyone? maybe it is just the shirt I have on under it that made it not work for me.

Simple Tartan Plaid Shirt $49.50: Yo quiero mucho! Designed to have a loose fit, this is a 6. See it on App Gal here

Horizontal Cable Turtleneck Sweater $59.50. Beautiful color but too boxy a shape on me. This is a Medium

Ruffle Front Top $44.50: I can see how some people can rock this look. To me , IRL, it looked like I had on 80's shoulder pads. The picture hides it a little because my shoulders are lifted.  This is a small

Stretch Velveteen Blazer $98. Loved the cut, this is a size 6, very comfy and lined.

Ruffle Collar Plaid Shirt $49.50. What were they thinking???? French poodle + plaid =not even close to a hot mess.

Liked the pants though. Size 8

Satin Dress With Necklace Applique $128. This dress is beautiful, so much more so then the website picks (and these) give it credit for. The cut is very flattering and the detailing on the neckline and the back is gorgeous. It did not pass the bend over test at all though and for $128 I regrettably passed since I want some dresses from Bodens even more. If this goes on sale, I will pounce. This is a 8 but a 6 would have fit a tad better but would have been too short

Sweater Dress with Petals $89.50: I bet this dress will be really cute on the right figure. For me it was just too thin, too chort, too low cut. This is a Medium

Necklace Tee $49.50 and Metallic Leopard Skirt $89.50. I really liked this tee, they have quite a few colors and it is only in stores. I just hate the idea of $50 on a tee even with 30% off. I may change my mind and I would definitely grab it on sale. The skirt is an 8 and is lower on my waist so the length works. I wasn't crazy about the fabric but it is a cute print and a good fit.

Boat Neck Top with Charmeuse Bow $36.50. Something was really off on the fit of this top for me. The sleeves almost belled  after the elbow so they needed to be scrunched (like on the website) or cuffed to look right. Also the placement of the bow was strange. It looked more off center then placed on the side.

I am done with ATL trips for a little bit. I think I have everything I really, really wanted for now. Of course they get new shipments in every Friday and Monday so that may change soon :o)


gigiofca said...

I like the bow top, the navy plaid buttondown and the print ikat is a surprise. I really like that one. I'm going to look for the necklace tee if I can make it to a store soon. That looks interesting. Thanks for posting :-)

Heather said...

I bought the rosette cardi and the leopard skirt. Thanks for modeling all this stuff! I loved that gold dress you tried on too but I couldn't figure out where I would wear it so I passed.

Bianca said...

Most everything you tried on looked great! My favorite item is the velveteen blazer. It looks beautiful.

Chelcie said...

LOVE the Ikat and the Ruffle Front!

amy kelinda said...

I -really- love the leopard skirt on you! As in, I think you need it. Haha! I'll have to check it out! And I also love the ruffle front top too!

Debye said...

Now I am second guessing not getting the leopard skirt! Does that mean I have to go there again tomorrow??

the velveteen blazer was my favorite too. It will be waiting for me under the tree Christmas morning :o)

Bianca said...

Oh good! I am glad to hear that you are getting it - it is so pretty on you!