Thursday, November 12, 2009

Black and Blue, not the bad kind

Today was one of those yuck, nothing feels right on today kind of mornings. After too many dress changes I ended up in one of my favorite color combos, black and blue (with a little gray). Speaking of gray, is there anyone else who has a hard time spelling that word since Grey's Anatomy came out? Anyone, anyone?

Cardigan by Merona Collection at Target
Shirt from Ann Taylor Loft
Apt. 9 pencil skirt from Kohls
J Crew Belt
Patterned Tights by Hue
Me Too Shoes (that I really wish I could change up more often but 9 hours on your feet demands comfort over preferred style)


amy kelinda said...

I like the little pop of metallic with the gold belt! You look lovely! And 9 hours on your feet?! WOW! I'd be in bedroom slippers if I had to do that, haha!

Angela said...

I love black and navy together!

MMM said...

Lookin' great! :)

Love blue and black together too! I actually wore my Ribbon Front Top from J.Crew today- the ones that's shadow color (aka navy) w/ the black bow on the front! (: