Thursday, November 5, 2009

Anthro Sale and an Award

I love getting sale emails from Anthropologie, especially one that says it is an unbeatable sale. I don't know if I would call it unbeatable but I do heart this, this, and these .

App Girl over at Musings on the Mountain is one of my favorite bloggers. I love her style, honesty and how personal she is. I also covet her new Mac and her Martin + Osa dress! I enjoyed reading her responses to the questions below and she was nice enough to honor me with an award as well!

1. Where is your cell phone:

Right next to me, I always try to have it near by since I also get my emails on it.

2. Your hair:

Is pulled back in a messy ponytail. I wear my hair up about 80% of the time (if not more). I have a lot of hair with a lot of "cow licks" and strange waves that no one probably would notice but me.

3. Your mother:

Is my BFF. We talk at least once a day. Once I became a mother, it really changed our relationship. We were always close (except in my super rebellious teen years) but now we have a greater respect for each other plus she is adorable and at 5'2" to my 5'9" we are a funny pair!
4. Your father:

Is a truly good man. Hard to get to know but would do anything for me that I really needed. I am the most like my Dad, we are stubborn perfectionists.

5. Your favorite food:

Now we are talking! I love almost all foods except peas and cooked carrots. My favorites are Sushi and Indian. I am the only one in my family who will eat Indian food so if anyone else likes Indian, and ever wants to grab a bite.....let me know :o)

6. Your dream from last night:

I must start this with a disclaimer, I work in the Coach section at Macy's, I am not a snob I promise. That being said I dreamt of Coach handbags last night.

7. Your favorite drink:

Easy, peasy it's Hot Cocoa, the good kind. I make my own each morning with my Mr. Coffee Hot Cocoa Machine and I am known to occasionally (ha! more like regulary) grab a tall non-fat cocoa from Starbucks as well. If I am really being indulgent I will get a Signature Hot Chocolate which is like a hot milkshake (ahhhh......daydreaming now) but is like 500 calories or more a cup!

8. Your dream/goal:

To raise all my children to be happy and succesfull in whatever they chose to do and hopefully do a good job in being a mom. Heaven knows, I have my good and not so good days. Career-wise, I would love to be a buyer for a great boutique. This is not something I have experience in or am actively chasing but it definitely falls in the dream category!

9. What room are you in:

My bedroom where I escape during the toddlers nap time!

9. What are your hobbies:

I love to read, create, sew, and shop. Shop probably should have been the first one.

10. What is your fear:

My greatest fear is outliving one of my kids and dying at a young age (although they seem to contradict each other a little).

11. Where do you want to be in 6 years:

Either here or in the house on the hill that looks down on ours!
12. Where were you last night:

At the bookstore getting my oldest some new books at seriously debating preording a Nook or two

13. Something you are not:

Late. I hate being late or even close to it, if you ask my husband he'd confirm I am pretty nuerotic about it

14. Muffins:

Are yummy but I don't typically eat them. Same with icecream.

15. Wish list items:

Ha! Ha! How long do you want to read? I have a saved cart at Bodens, J Crew, Shabby Apple and Ann Taylor Loft. Non-clothing related? I want an eReader, an SLR camera, and to adopt our foster son soon!

16. Where did you grow up:

I grew up all over. Hawaii, California, England and then back to So. Cal in fifth grade and I have lived here ever since!

17. Last thing you did:

Ran to Fedex, the bank and Starbucks.

18. What are you wearing:

What I posted earlier today silly .... lol
20. Your pets:

Chewey and Sugar. They are sisters and are a Shar Pei/Shih Tzu mix. One looks like a Shar Pei and the other like a Shih Tzu. You would never know they came from the same littler. Why don't you ever hear about them? I love all animals but my dogs are just that, my dogs. They aren't like my kids and I don't carry their pictures. Don't hate me I promise they are taken care of and loved.

21. Your friends:

I don't get to see them that much, especially my BFF who moved to Idaho this year.

22. Your life:

It's a crazy life, but it's our life....oh wait, that was from the show formely known as Jon and Kate plus 8. Still applies though, my life is a crazy blur but I absolutely love it!

23. Your mood:

Tired but optomistic at all times.

24. Missing someone:

Many someones. I miss my family since I haven't been seeing them as often, my friends Kelli and Trae and my neighbor across the street who I have barley had a chance to talk to lately

25. Vehicle:

Do I have to admit this? A Honda Odyssey...yes, it is a minivan. At some point I had to stop climbing over seats to get all the kids in their carseats and give in to the practicality.

26. Something you’re not wearing:

Jewelry. I don't usually wear any unless I am dressed up or it is a statement piece that I build an outfit around.

27. Your favorite store:

Like that could be narrowed down to one! My favs are J Crew, Ann Taylor Loft, Anthropologie, Target, Shade and DownEast Basics. But now I feel bad about leaving any others out. I also love Ruche, Shabby Apple, Barnes and Noble and am falling deeply in love with Boden.

28. Your favorite color(s):

Purple, Yellow and Green.

29. When’s the last time you laughed:

My kids make me laugh every day but besides that I remember laughing outload at Hiro on Heroes Monday night.....he really cracks me up!

30. When’s the last time you cried:

Little cry? This morning reading NieNie Dialogues. She always touches my heart. Big Cry? The day I looked at my schedule and realized I was working full time.

31. Your best friend:

My husband (corny but true), my mom and Kelli.

32. One place you go over and over:

On vacation, Maui. In regular life, walks around our neighborhood in Poway.

33. One person who emails me regularly:

The President of the Primary Program at our church (I am her second counselor)

34. Favorite place to eat:

With the kids: Hamburger Factory, Red Robin & Poway Sushi. Without the kids: The Fish Market and Il Fornaio

Now for the hard part, picking six people
Elaine at Clothed Much -love her modest style and how she stretches her wardrobe.
Kelsey at The Kims because well, she is my friend and it is always fun to learn more about your friends!
Summerilla because, well, I want everything she wears
Lindsey from Objects of My Closet Affections she has great picks and she makes me laugh. plus, she introduced me to Boden.
GingerSnap because she is too cute and even though she is now working as an attorney, she still is finding ways to incorporate her playful style!
and of course GiGi because I never buy anything J Crew until I check her blog first to see if she has tried it on!
To these award recipients, please know that if you do not have time to post your award, I will still love your blogs and will not be offended!

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