Sunday, November 8, 2009

GOing DownEast

Today felt like a comfy church day so I wore The Loft Dress in a glacier blue from DownEast Basics a few seasons ago. I don't think anyone does knit dresses consistently better than DownEast. They have a way of mastering a simple design that is flattering on almost every body type. Now, they aren't as durable as J Crew's but for the price, you can't beat it!

If you have time, check out their new arrivals that are coming soon. Definitely some drool worthy pieces! This, this, and this are on my wish list oh, and this, this and this too! Looks like they have been inspired by J Crew too!

Loft Dress from DownEast Basics
Mossimo Tank from Target


AppGal said...

Oh've tapped into my clothing weakness. I am quite obsessed with jersey dresses. They are my go-to item in the summertime. You just can't beat the comfort and the instant style! I'm definitely going to check out DownEast. Thanks! (oh, and you look GREAT in this dress!)

MMM said...

You look great but why can't we see your head/hair?!? I know you're hiding something! ;)

Kelsey Kim said...

Your hair looked so cute, and the blue color of the dress was very flattering on you. Glad I could see you for a few seconds at church today!

Debye said...

Ha! Ha! Yes, I am totally hiding something. I wanted a day to get used to it (and a good hair day) before I showed it off!

Ashley said...

gotta love Downeast! They are coming out with some great stuff! Basically everything on your wish list is on mine too! Cute outfit!