Sunday, November 1, 2009

Layering Up on my Sweater Dress

I am not really an all black person so I had to add a burst of color with my tea rose belt from Anthropologie. They don't have this color online anymore but I think I may have seen a teal one in the store the other day. I especially love to pair it with a LBD.

This is a cowl neck sweater dress I found at Old Navy the other day. Too short for me to wear as a dress but paired with skinny jeans or my Marissa Skinnies from ATL, it works out perfectly! Wish me luck with my new shoes, I hope to be able to stop hobbling soon!


gigiofca said...

Good luck w/the shoes!

I love your outfit. Love the belt. I wonder if I tried that dress on at ON. I think. I agree w/the dresses being juuust a tad too short to wear as a dress.

Phyllis Bourne said...

I really like the belt too!

I ordered an ON shirtdress that's a bit short, but I've been hesitant to return it. I may try it with some skinny jeans. I like this look.

My kitchen is just like yours except my floors are a darker, cherry wood, and the counters and appliances are black. LOL! It's dark cause I let my dh pick everything out.