Monday, November 16, 2009

OOTD for the Zhu Zhu hunt

Well, it is 8:48 am and I am about to go off to work after a bright an early morning of shopping for this years impossible to find Christmas item, the Zhu Zhu hamsters. I love the holiday hunt, so when my Mother-in-law enlisted my help I was down for the mission. And guess what my ladies, I was victorious. I now have four Zhu Zhu hamsters, one in each color, sitting on my kitchen counter as I type. These retail for $7.99 each and are on Amazon and eBay for $40-$60......craziness!!! What we will do for our kids.

Now the initial shopping euphoria has worn off and now I am exhausted, just in time to start my work day....oops. Here is what I wore:

Level 99 Denim Blazer-Anthropologie
Blouse from Kohls
Odille Seersucker Skirt-Anthropologie


Sarah said...

Could you be any cuter? You look great AGAIN today.:) Have fun at work!

Elaine said...

Your skirt is so cute! I love it with the blazer.

Kelsey Kim said...

I really like the skirt, too.

RatsOnParade said...

LOVE the outfit! That skirt with the jacket is just darling! Question for you - where on earth did you find the hamsters? I just saw a news article the other day about how they were out of stock everywhere -- and the mark-up on Amazon is outrageous! Congrats on the find!

Chelcie said...

cute! I am also a modest girl and love checking out other similar sites :)

sara said...

Okay, you look darling, as usual, but I HAVE to ask where you got your zhu zhus? My daughter is dying for one and I can't find them anywhere without paying a crazy fortune. If you find them again, I would totally buy them from you and pay you double for your trouble! :) I love your blog and congrats on your "find"!

Debye said...

I found the Zhu Zhu's at Target. I got there right before opening so I was first in the make believe line. They had just gotten their shipment late last night and they had a four zhu zhu limit per person. Within' five minutes all but four of them were gone.

I really just lucked out. Today was my first day looking and I was in front of a group of women who had been there every day for a month and this was the first time a shipment had come in!

Not Zhu Zhu related....thanks for the compliments on the outfit!!!

amy kelinda said...

You look so fresh and cute, I love it! The denim blazer and seersucker skirt are melting my heart! I love the little buttons on the skirt, too.

As for the Zhu Zhu's, I've heard about them and the mad dash that's going on for them. Lucky you for finding them at retail price and in 4 colors! You're a master of tracking down kid's toys, haha! Luckily, my little sister and brother are old enough to not want the "it" toy of the season.