Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Remaining Challenge Pieces this Week

Okay, so like they say, go big or go home so I am going big with four "challenge items" this week. Here they are, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to chime in!

1. Odille Skirt from Anthropologie from eBay:

Gorgeous, huh? I fought hard to win this skirt and have never worn it. The scallops and lace paired with the beautiful mint color have made it a little challenging for me (not that I have tried that hard) but the time has come to make it work or give it to a better home. I think I have convinced myself I need to but a mint, cream or pink jackie cardigan for this so I stopped trying to make it work with something I already own.

2. Blue & White Polka Dot Tie Top from DownEast Basics.

I picked this up in the store when I was visiting my friend Kelli in Idaho. I had just tried on a bunch of things and last minute grabbed this off the rack and into my purchase pile as I was paying. Looks easy enough, right? Well, the fit is weird on me and I think that just upset me a little so I pushed it back in my closet without ever wearing it.

3. White Ruffle Jacket from Kohls

You might recognize this little number from Gigi's blog here, it is Kohl's fiona jacket look a like. Fell in love with it at the store but the fit is a little boxy and I always end up passing on it when I try it on.

4. Plaid Embroidered Skirt by Lulumari purchased on eBay

This skirt is so fun and unique. It has a cowgirl feel and a nice "puff" to it. Just have never made the time to figure out what to wear with it!

Wanna know what is funny, I am already getting nervous about the challenge I created......


Bianca said...

Good Luck I really like that 1st skirt - it might go with the new Loft rose cardigan - and maybe the jacket with the purple tank?

Hehe have fun!!

Elaine said...

I love the first skirt! If you have a short dress, you could wear that skirt as a slip! I think that would look so cute.

Chelcie said...

For the mint skirt, I'm picturing just a simple fitted black cap sleeve, maybe a scoopneck? with some great black peep toes.....for the blue dotted shirt, I think a pair of dark wash jeans and your big brown belt I saw a few posts down would be super cute.

Thats all I have. :)

Anonymous said...

My 2 cents:

1) The other day i saw a girl wearing a spring type skirt, similar to yours, and paired it with black tights, black flats and a black long v-neck sweater and totally made it a super cute fall look. Since then i've been looking for a floral/chiffon/ruffle skirt so i can wear it just like that.

2) For the polka dot top, maybe showcase the bow with a mustard yellow cardi and a navy pencil skirt or vice versa, navy cardi and yellow pencil skirt.

3) For the jacket, maybe a brown belt and jeans?

4) This one is a little hard.. maybe a cowl neck or chunky belted sweater and tall brown boots

Hope this helps a lil!