Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ATL's Friends & Family Sale

First off, I feel I may disappoint you a little. I had an hour lunch break to buy lunch eat it, and hit the Friends & Family Sale at Ann Taylor Loft. So, there was no time to try on new things but what can tell you is this:

There were no exclusions, they said I could use the coupon on everything. There was a great selection of items and some new tees I hadn't noticed being there before. Unfortunatlely, I didn't have much to spend but I just couldn't let the sale pass me by completely. Here is a snapshot of my stash, better pics to come:

And I know what you are thinking ladies.....oh no she did-in't. Oh YES I di-id. I caved in and bought the size small cascading ruffle shell in lavender dusk that so many of you loved from my dressing room pics. It is almost completely sold out in this color on line and I knew it would be gone forever soon in the store.

I know the rest are just tees but they are amazing tees and the ivory tee..... it is ultra fabulous to me. Item number 86290357 that has no name yet, I knew the moment I saw you that you had to be mine. I have never seen this tee before, the SA said it was brand new. Overall, I found it to be a super sale, if only they would sponsor me and give me free clothing.....a girl can dream right?


AppGal said...

Oh you tease! :) Can't wait to see what all you bought! So glad you snagged that lavender shell...it's just lovely!

Bianca said...

Awesome! Congrats on the awesome haul.

Pamela said...

great purchases! I can't wait to get over to the store myself!

handbags*n*pigtails said...

love the shell! Im living vicariously through you as Im now laid up and cant do anything. I had a tetanus shot fri. morning and after the pain got worse and worse up to last night, I knew it was bad. Reasons? I all of a sudden couldnt use my arm without screaming in pain- couldnt drive, couldnt sew(and I have a HUGE holiday craft show this weekend!)certainly cant pick anything up, including my arm. I have to actually lift it w/my other arm. Spent last night in the ER. turns out, nurse who gave me the shot hit a nerve! I so would rather be anywhere but here...like shopping,LOL!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous haul!!!!!

I love it all, from what I can see.

Style on a String :: Because style has nothing to do with money.

Debye said...

sarah (aka handbags*n*pigtails)-OUCH! I hope it starts feeling better, is it just something you have to just wait out or can they do anything to fix it? What a nightmare!!!