Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chiffon Vines Tee

Have you ever woken up and are ridiculously excited to get dressed because you have some new clothes you can't wait to put on? Well, hopefully I am not the only one or I am going to feel like a big ol' dork. I have teacher conferences today plus a meeting with my awesome Angels worker and a visit from my visiting home teacher.  I had a few comfy outfits in mind but knew I should wear the ivory tee I picked up yesterday so you could look out for it when you hit the F & F sale at the Loft this week.

Don't let the look on my face here fool you, I love this tee. This style appears to still be online in the stores. I know it also came in black and one other color (sorry I forgot which but I would guess pewter or a purple).

Here is a closer look at the tee. I think it the same as this one just without the contrasting color. I am pretty sure J Crew had a similar top or I am just thinking of the whirling ruffles cardigan.  Oh, and one more thing for those of you hitting the sale, they had a great necklace tee that is in store only that was really cute. I haven't done a necklace tee yet but this one looked great I just wanted a chance to try it on first.

Tee from The Loft
Lauren Conrad Skinny Jeans from Kohls


Christina Rodrigues said...

I love your entire outfit. especially the shirt!!! Have a wonderful day!

amy kelinda said...

Aww, so cute! I like the tee and skinny jeans together. It's a simple and fabulous casual look, but having the tee's extra chiffon detailing and throwing on a cardigan gives the "tee shirt and jeans" look more polish.

Angela said...

i love the shirt on you! it looks so delicate and pretty.

MMM said...

You always look so great!

Jeans, cute tee, and a cardi~ you don't get any better than that!! LOVE it! :)

Bianca said...

I LOVED this shirt too. Sadly, the ivory color that looks wonderful on you is a wee bit too sheer for me, and shows a bit more of my skin tone that I am comfortable with.

It looks super cute on ya! Great cardi too. :-)

Pakcola said...


What shoes are you wearing?? They look really familiar!

Debye said...

Thanks everyone and Bianca, the tee is a little sheer on me too. I considered wearing an extra tank underneath

Pakcola-these are Apt 9 nude patent pumps from Kohls