Saturday, November 7, 2009

Today's Outfit and I REALLY need your advice!

I feel a little guilty posting this outfit since it is "straight off the mannequin" but then again, IRL pics are usually helpful. Todays outfit is brought to you by Ann Taylor Loft. I was bad on my lunch break again but it felt so good.

I originally dropped by The Loft when I saw the email that their cords (which I love) were on special for $25. Unfortunately $25 was the online pricing only but I still had my Loft cares discount card for 20% off  plus they were having an in store buy one pair of pants, get the other 1/2 off sale AND a sale on sweaters.  What I did pick up was the  Dot Tie Front Shell in Deep Blue which I highly recommend. There are so many subtle details on this that are hard to pick up on the photo but made it worth the price. I normally wear a 6 or M in tops from J Crew and ATL but in this top I grabbed it in a S. It does fit a wee bit tight on the band over the chest but as blousy as it is, the fit is better then a M. I grabbed two cardigans, the one that is in store only I will show you another day and this one that I also took in a small because it  has a roomy fit. And of course I had to grab two pairs of pants.

 I don't see the pair online I am wearing today but they are really fun. They have the same buttons as my pirate jacket and they have a little bit of velvet at the waistband

Okay now for the help I desperately need. See that great oversized clutch I am carrying? It is from the Michael Kohrs Beverly Collection in a beautiful Marigold color. It is brand new, tags still attached and was originally $198.00. Well, at the Macy's I work at, we don't carry the same brands as some of the fancier Macy's by the beaches. When people return them, we discount them at 30% off. Well, someone bought this bag, loved it but returned it because she had been holding onto it but never ended up using it. So she brought it back to us and got her discounted $138.50 back. Now when that happens, the system sometimes deep discounts it so I scanned it and it came in at $59.60! Keep in mind, it has still never been used and the tags are in tact. So I just couldn't pass it up because on top of my discount, it was also a special employee shopping day which gave me an additional 15% off so, short story (okay, maybe not) I scored.

Here is my dilemma and here is a better pic:

I love this clutch and the color BUT I don't like to switch bags and there is no way I could use this as my every day purse. Should I keep it anyways for when I am going somewhere nice or should I sell it and use some of the proceeds towards the everyday Coach bag I have my eyes on for the Macy's Friends & Family Sale. My husband says I should at least try to sell it but I am conflicted.......what do you think??? I need your help to decide!

P.S. This may be the last post you see a blonde Debye for a while!


Anonymous said...

I do the same thing! I have a closet full of items that were just too good of a deal to pass up, but I never use. I still can't bring myself to get rid of them!

MMM said...

Decisions, decisions... the bag really is a great deal! Hmmm!!! Well, maybe list it at a higher price that you are willing to give it up for and if it sells, it sells and you have the extra $ to put towards the Coach bag- if it doesn't sell, then it was meant for you! ;) That's just a thought though.

Now, to the outfit~ LUV! =P I steal ideas "straight off the mannequin" all the time so don't feel guilty! Besides, that how they get us to buy every single item shown on them! I'm such a sucker for those! ;) I am lovin' ATL right now. Great pieces + great deals = happy me!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing the "(non)blonde Debye"!

gigiofca said...

I love the clutch & the pop of color. Plus it's leather. Now, I own a few non-leather clutches that I got at F21 and one in the bunch is from Daisy Fuentes/Kohl's. I very rarely use them. Maybe one/month. If you're not going to use it then your monies may be better spent towards the bag you will truly use. I am speaking from someone w/a bin full of purses and I only rotate between 2 or 3 of them. I rarely switch out because I carry too much stuff. So I hear what you're saying.

AppGal said...

Sounds like you would rarely use it, even if it is a beautiful clutch. If you can sell it and make some profit from it, I think you'd be better off getting the purse you have your eye on. Seems as though that purse would get used a lot more.

Tough decision though...I agree w/Gigi that your money would be better spent on a more realistic bag.

Love the outfit, too!